Taking the First Step

Written by Vanessa Aguirre Everyone has some experience with procrastination. You may have found yourself putting aside homework—or any other projects—to do things like update your Facebook page, chat with friends, or watch Netflix. As high school sophomore Hannah Young said, “I’d rather do things that I like, like watch TV, sleep, or read a… Read more

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Being Involved

Written by Priscilla Moctezuma High school is a time for college applications and making the best of your teen years. The best college applications are those that are filled with extracurricular and volunteer experiences, but what should you do if being shy has stopped you you from being involved and, now, you don’t know where to… Read more

getting dressed

Dressing For a Petite Frame

For many Latinas and girls of Hispanic ethnicity, being petite comes with the territory. While this is not true for every Latina, for those who are, it can be challenging to find something to wear that is both flattering, and not made to fit a small child. Being petite has its perks. The petite frame… Read more

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High School Survival Guide

When middle school is finally over, you feel great about yourself and are exited to start a brand new experience at your future high school. Some girls feel completely the opposite; they are scared to set foot on unknown lands. If you have a headache or your stomach hurts by just listening to the “H”… Read more


Advice: Job Hunting

It is absolutely horrible, it really is. It is hard and, let’s be honest, really tedious. No one wants to fill out application after application and have to buy 37 ink cartridges for the printer because you’re printing out 4507315435 copies of your resume. That being said, jobs are necessary. You can’t get away from… Read more

Do’s and Don’ts on Throwing a Grad Party

For the month of May and June, calendars are full of graduation ceremonies and celebrations. When it comes to planning your own graduation party, it can be a little hectic for some party planners. ”I try throwing a party every now and then, but something just isn’t right-  some of my friends have fun and some… Read more


Advice: BFF and Boyfriend Woes

Latinitas received questions from our readers asking for advice. What can I do when my friend is trying to take away my friends? And sometimes I get so mad I want to hit the girl that tried to take my friends away, what can I do? The important thing to do is to always stay… Read more

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To Your (Mental) Health!

Have you ever felt really, really bad but worried that if you told someone, they just might not understand? That they might totally miss the point, overreact, or, even worse, not react at all? As teenage girls, we go through a ton of changes in a short period of time. As Latinas in the United States,… Read more


Advice: Boyfriend Edition

Dear Latinitas, Why do guys say if we date more than one guy we’re easy.  But if they do it, they’re a player? Dear Friend, There are many views on this topic.  Both girls and guys have their own opinion.  Some say that guys like to have the satisfaction of being the only guy in… Read more


Talking to Parents 101: Boys

There’s no escaping them: boys. They’re everywhere and we can’t help but to be drawn to them. This isn’t just a girl thing; guys are naturally attracted to us as well and, if we’re lucky, the one we are crushing over is also crushing over us. But what do you do when he makes a… Read more



Love Knows No Boundaries

Modernization has pioneered interracial relationships. The 1967 Supreme Court Case Loving v. Virginia overturned the illegality of mixed race relationships. However, in such a modern world, how does culture influence the dating game? Vietnamese-American student, Tiffany Vo has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jesus Urzua since they met in high school for over… Read more


Advice: Boyfriend Edition

Dear Latinitas, Why do guys say if we date more than one guy we’re easy.  But if they do it, they’re a player? Dear Friend, There are many views on this topic.  Both girls and guys have their own opinion.  Some say that guys like to have the satisfaction of being the only guy in… Read more

Teens holding hands

How I Left My Abusive Boyfriend

My relationship only lasted  four months, but they were the longest and most stressful four months of my entire love life. I experienced a teen dating violence relationship with my 17-year-old boyfriend. I had been working at burger place at the time for over a year when I met Drake. He was a cute German boy who… Read more

Boyfriend - Latinitas

5 Signs of a Toxic Boyfriend

Dating can be fun, exciting, and it’s usually a great experience, but sometimes it can be quite the opposite.You may say to yourself, “Oh he just loves me” if your boyfriend becomes possessive or jealous. Maybe he pushes you one day and says “It was just an accident, it will never happen again.” Sometimes he… Read more

Holding Hands

Finding True Love in High School

My two best friends and I love to get together, buy a bunch of junk food, rent lots of chick flicks and talk at each other’s houses. Of course, the topic of boys quickly comes into the conversation. The three of us have very different opinions about boys and high school love. Like many teenage… Read more


True Valentine Stories

Valentine’s Day, is known to be one of the most romantic holidays of the year. This may be true for some people, but for others it may seem like the end of the world. Valentine’s Day has been considered to be a holiday where public display of affection is permitted in public places. Couples everywhere… Read more

multicultural friends

Inter-racial Dating

Gloria Ortiz, age 19, has been in an inter-racial relationship for three years. “If strong feelings are mutual (then) ethnicity should not play a role in caring for a person,” says Gloria. “The key to any good relationship, inter-racial or otherwise, is communication.” Until recently, not many people expressed what Desiree believes. In fact, about… Read more


Hispanic girk looking sad

Dealing with a Depressed Parent

According to a study performed in 2005 by the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM), depression affects 6.9 % of Puerto Ricans, 2.5% of Cuban-Americans and 2.8% percent of Mexican-Americans. As a teen, it can be difficult to have a depressed parent. Between irritability and mood changes, having a relationship while trying… Read more


Dealing with Depression

Whether you have been feeling blue for a week or for a couple of months, you are not alone when it comes to dealing with a constant feeling of sadness. Fighting depression is a tough battle for many Latinas, but there is hope for those feeling under the weather. What is depression? Depression is not… Read more


Latinas Battling Cancer

At  Milpitas High School, the American Cancer Society Club is promoting cancer awareness to the student body. “We offered additional information such as ‘Words to Know’, where we defined words and phrases like ‘Quality of Life’ and ‘Malignant’. We also offer free booklets and pamphlets to people who were interested in learning more. People should know… Read more


The More You Know, the Less You Stress

To all you Latinitas out there whose mind is running a million miles per second, stop and breathe. Stress is a common factor that every person deals with. It comes at you with a whirlwind of emotions known as anxiety, paranoia, frustration, and agitation (to name a few). As a teen, or young adult, the… Read more


A Confidence Boost

Students might genuinely be interested in getting involved at a young age but the “experience” factor may seem disheartening. It is often times discouraging to have a lack of experience stand in the way of any career field, or profession, you might want to explore. From taking on an internship/volunteering to obtaining a job, trying new… Read more


Healthy Relationships Tips

Every relationship is different. Even though all relationships are unique and function on their own terms, like sharing your own super cool secret language with a sibling or friend, there are certain guidelines that can either strengthen or damage your relationship. Here are some pointers that should help you keep your relationships healthy and happy. 1.) Communicate:… Read more


Overcoming Shyness

To some degree everyone has felt shy. For many it is “natural shyness” and for others it’s something they acquired as they got older or only in certain situations. Being shy is not a bad quality, but it can sometimes be an obstacle in school, since you are sometimes required to participate in discussions or… Read more

saving money

Dealing with Tough Times

Having an unemployed parent may be something that many kids never worry about. It was something that had definitely never even crossed my mind until it happened to my family. Having an unemployed parent can mean dealing with tough times and added pressure on families. Most of my life, it was the norm for my… Read more

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Dealing with Loss

My friend Meagan Blanco was a dancer and a band member. She was a really kind and funny girl. She was beautiful, smart, and very strong in her faith. Her life was so blessed and full of joy, but her health took a tragic turn in her senior year of high school. After performing in… Read more (8)

A Survivor Breaks the Silence

One out of five women is sexually assaulted at some point in her life. Most of the time, it’s a family member, friend or acquaintance that commit these horrendous acts.  Unfortunately, when I was eight, I became one of those statistics.  My uncle, my father’s brother, was the perpetrator. When a child is at that innocent… Read more

Hot Topics


Fighting Gender Stereotypes

Picture this: a fancy dinner with that special someone. You have the most perfect gift for him. And as soon as you are about to take it out, he says coming up with an elaborate excuse of why he doesn’t have a present for you. Typical. Don’t you love Valentine’s Day? The former scene portrays… Read more


Media Representations of Latinas

Latinos make up approximately 17% of the U.S. population, according to the 2012 U.S. Census report, contributing to 50% of the U.S. population growth between the years 2000 and 2010.  On the big screen, however, Latino roles are rare and far between, and when they do appear, characters are often limited to narrow stereotypes. According… Read more

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The Big Move: Living with a Roommate

The fall semester is around the corner, and many nervous college freshmen are anxiously waiting to take the next big step of moving away for college.Whether you’ve shared a room at home or will be sharing for the first time this upcoming fall semester, transitioning to living with a roommate is a big change that… Read more

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Divided by Two Cultures

A major part of our identity is shaped by how culture shapes lives. Growing up we learn about cultura through our family and incorporate them into our own identity; our cultura brings us orgullo. People learn about the amazing and vibrant multicultural aspects of the country, whether it is through daily interaction or media exposure. One… Read more


Post-Grad: Real World Problems

As the weather gets warmer and the days become longer, the arrival of summertime has many teens embarking on summer vacations. For high school graduates across the nation the arrival of the warm weather signifies the celebration of milestone events. You might be part of the select group of students who find themselves at a… Read more


Traditional Dating

There are common stereotypes that Mexican families have strong conservative traditions when it comes to dating. One common stereotype is dating within one’s culture. It may have been like this a long time ago specifically for our grandparents and great-grandparents during a time where things were more traditional, and the world wasn’t so modern.  As… Read more

Dealing with Homework

Fighting the College Blues

When Alexia Cisneros was five years old, she wanted a stethoscope for her birthday. At nine, she cured herself of the chickenpox, and at eleven she knew she wanted to be a pediatrician. “If you ask me how many Barbie dolls I used as practice dummies for my surgeries, you would be surprised,” Alexia said. “Ever… Read more


Thoughts on Latina Media Role Models

Many Latina women struggle with being able to relate to the “sassy, sensual, hot-tempered and street smart Latina” mold portrayed by the media. As a Latina woman, I have never quite fit into that mold and often wondered about the existence of Latina role models. Where Are the Latina Role Models?: There are still many… Read more


My Thoughts on LGBT Stereotypes

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) topics are hot button issues. Despite the controversy, LGBT stereotypes are important and growing issues for teen girls. Many realize what they like and who they like at a young age, like I did, but it can also take a while for others to accept it. On T.V and… Read more

immigration activists

My Thoughts on Anti-Immigration Laws

A Latinita shares her thoughts on strict anti-immigration laws being put into place in states like Arizona, Virginia, Idaho and Alabama. New laws are requiring police to arrest anyone they believe is residing in this country illegally. States are having problems with the rise of immigrants entering the country. They believe that passing this law… Read more

Take Action


Street Harassment

Written by Rebecca Jackson Latinas and women around the world are thinking creatively about ending street harassment. From sharing their experiences online, to writing poetry and taking photographs of their harassers, women and girls are doing their part to put an end to the fear and intimidation. What is street harassment? Street harassment is just a… Read more

young professional

How to Prepare for a Job

Are you ready for your first job? Knowing how to act professional is the first step in getting ready for job hunting and starting in workplace. Being professional means acting respectful, mature, polite and responsible. There will be times when you will be required to behave professionally in any job you hold.  Here are some… Read more


Road to Success: Internships

With the tough economy and competitive job market, more and more high school and college students are turning to internships to get that extra experience. Internships are also a great way to network and make connections with different people.  There are two types of internships: physical (on location) and virtual (work from home).  But which… Read more

homeless pets

Chica Who Care: Isabel Rivera

Ever visited your local rescue shelter for homeless pets?  It’s downright impossible for your heart not to melt at the site of a wide-eyed puppy or kitty staring back at you from behind a cage. The sad truth is that an overwhelmingly high number of homeless pets are put to sleep on a daily basis… Read more


Teen Business Tycoons

Women are up and coming in the business world, and many of them had an entrepreneur vision from a very young age. Owning your own business can be difficult with permits, loans, rental space, and not to mention money, but these young Latinas are proving no challenge is too big for them.  These young Latinas… Read more


Occupy Wall Street

Vea este artículo en español aquí You’ve probably heard about on the newspaper, in blogs or on TV. Occupy Wall Street is a movement fighting against inequalities and I’m proud to have been a part of the local occupy movement in my hometown. Occupy Wall Street is a national movement that has been going on… Read more

Women Fire Fighters

Get Involved in Your Community

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? The real heroes of our community are emergency responders like the police, fire department and ambulance technicians. You can be a hero too by volunteering to help emergency services that are always looking for volunteer aid with emergencies and disasters. Help at Your Fire Department “Volunteering with… Read more

Teen Writing

On the Job Hunt

After a long day of high school, with all the homework and the teachers and the gossip, who has time for a job? Is it not enough to have to worry about all of those things without adding on the stresses of working after school at the local burger joint? Despite the many issues the… Read more

Friends Fighting

Don’t Just Stand There

Does your BFF have your back? Would you speak out against someone who was bullying or harassing your friend? Don’t be silent  and just watch your friends get hurt in front of you. Laura Zárate and Arely Sulvarán-Achenbach are Latina victim advocates who offer their advice to guide you in taking action, helping a friend… Read more


Hot Summer Jobs

School is out, the sun is shining brightly, and you have bummed around the house for long enough! Maybe your mamí has suggested getting a job, but working at the local fast food joint just doesn’t sound good…actually it sounds terrible. You have talent, a can-do spirit, a mind full of ideas and a few… Read more

True Stories

Latinitas Austin - Parent and Daughter Workshop

Honoring Motherly Figures

Mother’s Day is the day you go above and beyond to support, spoil, and go over the top to find the perfect gift for your mom. You tell your mom you love her, you tell her things you don’t tell her every day, the same things, year after year. For some people, this is an exciting… Read more

Diabetes Teens Latina

Living with Diabetes

Danielle, age 17, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was three years old. “I felt scared and did not know what to think. I was not aware of what it meant to be diabetic, but I had a feeling I was going to have it for a long time…” she said. Although she… Read more


Latinitas On the Campaign Trail

My sister, Mistique, at the age of 16, was the type of teenager who asked for subscriptions to Time Magazine and Newsweek; now all these years later, I understand why. Instead of fighting over the cartoon channel or CNN with my sister, it was which cab to chose, or how to hail it during my… Read more

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