Chica Wrestlers

Kumary Giron, 16, and Lucky Rios, 15, are not your average wrestlers. They are fit, focused and female.  Playing for the varsity squad at their Central Texas high school, these two athletic Latinitas are breaking gender boundaries in sports while enjoying positive discipline and competition.

<strong>Kumary:</strong> I’m in the 148 weight class. It’s tough to maintain, but we are the best in the region and have the best team right now.

<strong>Lucky:</strong> I’m in the 119 weight class. Staying in weight class is the downside, but travel to other cities like San Antonio and Houston is fun.

<strong>Kumary:</strong> Every Saturday, we have tournaments and Wednesday we have duels against other area schools – these matches are just one on one – school versus school.

<strong>On why they chose this unique sport:</strong>

<strong>Kumary:</strong> My sister was a wrestler, too.

<strong>Lucky:</strong> I am doing it for my college resume. It helps you get into school – extra activities.

<strong>On their family’s reaction:</strong>

<strong>Lucky:</strong> Our moms will cry, because they think I’m getting beat up, but I’m not. We are just training really hard and staying in shape. <p align=”center”><img src=”../articlepix/Wrestlers-in-stance.gif” alt=”Lucky and Kumary in a stance preparing to wrestle”> <img src=”../articlepix/Wrestlers-nelson” alt=”Lucky and Kumary performing a wrestling move”></p>

By Laura Donnelly<br />

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