C-H-E-E-R! Cheer! My name is Lyseldi Ortiz, and I’m a proud cheerleader. There are lots of stereotypes out there about cheerleaders, but I love this sport. I’m a junior in high school and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been in cheering for about 14 years. I wouldn’t consider myself a pro-cheerleader, but I have experience. My coach is a pro-cheerleader, and he is in the USA Team that travels everywhere. I cheer for a cheerleading squad called Texas Bandit All Stars, and we travel to different places across the country to cheer and compete throughout Texas and out-of-state.

Some people may think cheerleading is dumb, or that cheerleaders are dumb just because we dress girly with our little skirts and show off our moves. Just because we look girly, doesn’t mean we are not smart and that we can’t have good grades in school. We can be just as smart as anyone else. We need to keep up our grades to be eligible to perform just like football players or basketball players. Cheerleading is a great sport to help you achieve your dreams and to keep you motivated in and out of school.

Some people may think cheerleading isn’t a sport or that it isn’t hard. Well, it is. Cheerleading is one of the hardest sports anyone can do. Cheering isn’t boring, but it is a lot of hard work. Yes, anyone could try it, but it is very difficult. Cheerleaders are very talented girls. We jump and flip, while we dance and cheer at the same time. We even toss girls up in the air and pull all these crazy stunts. You can show off your acrobatic and dance moves that you thought you couldn’t do. Cheerleading is a great way to keep your body motivated and to keep it healthy. It provides a lot of exercise and keeps your body in shape.

We move around to different routines and we create good memories. The sports need us to cheer for them, we motivate them to keep going and to never give up and score. It is a way of saying, “that’s my team and I’m so proud I’m going to support them.” Cheering can mean lots of things. It can be a way of expressing your support for friends and showing off your team pride. Cheering is a great way to motivate and inspire the team, keep the event going and encourage the team to do their best. Cheerleading just doesn’t cheer for schools, there are city and state teams that compete against schools all over the country.

Girls of all ages love cheerleading. I think cheerleading is a good way to persuade young girls to stay out of trouble and to keep them busy. It gives them something to look forward to. It encourages them to accomplish what they started, gain confidence and to never give up. Cheerleading is also a good experience to learn new stuff , travel to visit new places and to meet new friends.

Cheerleading let’s you be who you really want to be and to be yourself. For us, cheerleading is about pride, attitude, showing our moves and inspiring others. Cheering makes you feel relief, makes you feel proud of who you are and what you are cheering for. It is about expressing your moves, your love for cheering and your strength.

January 2011

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