Latino Spotlight: Lalo Alcaraz

Art, satire, politics. Lalo Alcaraz, Chicano cartoonist and political satirist, discusses these issues via his popular political comic strip. Earlier this year, Latinitas was able to attend one of his talks at the University of Texas at Austin. To his online readers and motivating conferences, he always delivers clever jokes and often describes the importance… Read more


Artsy Latinas Doing It Big

When your role model tells you that anything can happen, follow your dreams, work hard and they will come true, you begin to get the motivation to actually do something about your life. These women have found ways to follow their passions and make a business, living, and doing what they love. Three women, Dina… Read more


Beyond the Canvas: Latino Museums

Museums are keys to analyzing our past and understanding our present. Museums document and provide an enriching and educational look into culture. Few museums in the United States are dedicated to Latino culture and studies, yet those that do exist are rich with Latino cultural artifacts, art and are dedicated to educating their communities about their raízes…. Read more


Passion for Art

When looking around, people may not notice the wonderful talents and histories of other Latinitas with a simple glance. People may only notice the outside appearance of these girls, but not know their true talents. Latinitas sat down with talented Latinas to share their story with our readers. These talented Latinas represent some of the different… Read more

Art - Latinitas

Trenzas Chicanas Art Collective

Vea este artículo en español aquí All the young Latinas in the room were mesmerized by the message these women represented. “Good Mexican daughters don’t ignite revolutions…This princess Chicana can scale walls with ease…I am a woman with no apologies,” were part of the spoken word performance presented by Griselda Munoz at the Latinitas Teen… Read more


New Art in Austin: 22 to Watch

New Art in Austin: 22 to Watch is an exhibition presented by the Austin Museum of Art, that introduces 22 rising local artists and their artwork, made from an array of media, including sculpture, photography, video, painting, drawing, full installation pieces and yes….Post-Its!!! This exhibition was an adventure in sight, not only because it gave… Read more


Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Book Review: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Written by Andrea Barreto The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares is an amazing start to a series based on four very different young girls as they navigate young adulthood. The all too familiar feeling of being caught in a moment where everything is on the brink of changing sets the tone for what… Read more


Review: “I am Malala”

In “I am Malala” by Mala Yousafzai, we journey through the story of Malala.  Malala, a young girl born in Pakistan where educated women are rare, grows up with an understanding of how the power of raising our voices, words and education can change the world. The book is inspirational right from the beginning with… Read more


Book Review: “Fostered Adult Children Together”

Written by Alexis Bobadilla Fostered Adult Children Together, On The Bridge to Healing … Will we ever get over it? tells the stories of over 60 former foster children whom faced several obstacles within the American Foster Home system and came out scarred, broken, yet positive, hopeful and faithful. Aside from the devastating experiences, there were many positive… Read more


5 Books Worth Reading this Summer

Summer break can mean a couple things and it all depends on who you ask. For some, summer break means going out of town, and if you fall under that category then you are lucky. However, for everyone else there is another way to travel and the best part is you don’t have to unpack… Read more


Las Comadres and Count on Me

There are many times in a person’s life when being alone isn’t enough and a comforting ear is needed. Las Comadres is an organization that grew with women in need of a good listener. It is a national network of women who meet within their own community once a month to talk about friendship, tell… Read more

Gringolandia - cover

Book Review: Gringolandia

Gringolandia by Lyn Miller-Lachmann follows the life of Daniel and his father, Marcelo, and their struggle to find the father-son relationship they left behind in Chile. Daniel Aguilar was born into a difficult time in Chile. Unfortunately, Chile was under the rule of Antonio Pinochet and the country was in a state of despair. Daniel’s… Read more

Junot Diaz

Spotlight: Author Junot Díaz

Latinitas met with New Jersey/Dominican Republic native writer Junot Díaz on his most recent book tour through Austin, TX.  Díaz’s first novella Drown was received with national critical acclaim. He followed it with a Pulitzer-prize winning novel: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, a story that flips back and forth between the awkward life… Read more

How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent

Latina Authors Every Latina Should Know

In schools across the U.S, books by Latina authors are often overlooked. The reading list of assigned classics rarely include books from Latina authors even though their writing has gained significant momentum. These 10 Latina authors you should look out for.  These are authors whose writing we can identify with. Their books allow us to… Read more

Mean Girls - Latinitas

Inside Beautiful Darkness

Author Kami Garcia was raised outside of Washington D.C, but always held a connection to the South. At the age of thirteen, Garcia and her family moved in with her grandmother and great-grandmother, both who grew up in small towns of North Carolina. Garcia grew up living the southern way, but couldn’t be more different… Read more


Movie Review: Earthlings

The movie Earthlings sends the message to not ignore animal rights.  The documentary released in 2010 shines light on animal rights and the horrid ways of the meat industry. The movie is directed by Shaun Monson and Maggie Q. who are practicing vegans and narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. There have been videos exposing the meat… Read more



The Music You (Latinitas) and I (Child of the 80s) Love

Every October tens of thousands gather in America’s new city sweetheart, Austin, TX for a music festival that lasts two-straight weekends: Austin City Limits Festival.  Emerging and established bands convene for an eclectic expression of new and old music and Latinitas was there to cover as much as possible – exploring new and old loves:… Read more

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Latin Beats: Raul y Mexia

Have you ever noticed just how much Latinos are surrounded by music? Think about it, whether you’re listening to your parents’ favorite rancheras on a Sunday afternoon or dancing the night away at your quinceañera, Spanish music is almost always playing wherever Latinos are gathered. For most music-loving kids, a desire to be a famous… Read more


Concert Review: Delta Spirit

The festival concert circuit can produce some of the most fun, inspiring experiences. Or, others – weather not-permitting – shows in hot, humid and soaking rainfall conditions.  For some bands, Hurricane Sandy could be tearing the world down around you – and you still stay, watch, listen and love them.  So was my experience at Latinitas… Read more


Music Spotlight: Belanova

Spanish pop sensation, Belanova, is a group of  three friends (Denisse, Richie, and Edgar) that met in school in Guadalajara, Mexico and decided to fuse their musical talents and creativity together.  Five albums later they are one of the biggest names in Spanish pop with several awards including a Latin Grammy for “Best Pop album by… Read more



Vea este artículo en español aquí Rhythmic beats, Spanish lyrics, and rock and roll with a Latin touch define the independent music movement in Mexico and Latin America. For decades, bands such as Café Tacuba and Jaguares have been able to crossover in the United States and Europe, bringing attention to Latin America’s indie scene…. Read more

pee wee salinas

Music:Pee Wee Salinas

If you don’t know who Pee Wee is, or even Irvin Salinas, don’t worry. Despite the fact that he was a singer since 2003, he is barely starting to come into his own. He first gained musical fame when he joined the Kumbia Kings, a Cumbia musical group headed by A.B. Quintanilla, and later the… Read more


Selena Lives On

On April 16th, we celebrate the birthday of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez (April 16, 1971 – March 31, 1995) commonly known as the Queen of Tejano music. She released her first album at the age of twelve, won Female Vocalist of the Year at the 1987 Tejano Music Awards, gained popularity in the early 1990s for her… Read more



Quiz: What Song Are You?

Music is one of the many creative outlets. It’s used to tell a story, spark emotion, and, most importantly, is used to express yourself! From carefully crafted lyrics, rhythmic beats, and sweet melodies, songs embody an essence that carries personality. Take this quiz to find out which Latina’s iconic song represents you! 1. What adjective… Read more

latina leaders

Quiz: Are you a Leader or a Follower

Do you fall into peer pressure when you see everyone wearing the same type of clothes? Do you do your own thing and expect everyone else to do the same as you? Take this quiz and find out if you are a leader or a follower. 1. When you see everyone wearing clothes you don’t… Read more


Quiz: Classic Latin American Novels

Do you want to have access to the finest minds of previous generations? Read the classics. And why not start at home, with some iconic Latin American and Spanish novelists. Reading classic novels is like having a glimpse into the past, and as proven by history, when we know about the past we work towards… Read more


Quiz: Are You a Gossip Girl?

Are you gossip obsessed? Can you be trusted with important or embarrassing information? What do you do when others turn their backs? Take this quiz to find out! Jot down your answers and quiz yourself. 1. Your crush finally asks you out, you… A. Send out a bulletin on MySpace. B. Call your BFF immediately…. Read more



Discovering the Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a great form of exercise, both in the physical and mental realm. According to the American Yoga Association, yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years; there are ancient stone carvings found in the Indus Valley of figures doing traditional yoga positions. It grew in popularity in the United States around the 1960s,… Read more


Latinas in the Olympics

If you were one of the millions of people who tuned into the 2012 Summer Olympics, you may have noticed that female athletes ruled the games. Women from all over the world were stealing both hearts and gold medals. A total of 58 medals were won just by the women of Team USA! If you… Read more


Friday Night Lights

I’m looking forward to football season because I cannot wait to cheer. All I can think about is those “Friday Night Lights.” I attend Clint High school, a school in West Texas in the middle of nowhere. The people there are so friendly and supportive. The reason I love football Fridays is because of the… Read more

cheerleader - latinitas


C-H-E-E-R! Cheer! My name is Lyseldi Ortiz, and I’m a proud cheerleader. There are lots of stereotypes out there about cheerleaders, but I love this sport. I’m a junior in high school and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been in cheering for about 14 years. I wouldn’t consider myself a pro-cheerleader, but I have experience…. Read more

girl wresler

Chica Wrestlers

Kumary Giron, 16, and Lucky Rios, 15, are not your average wrestlers. They are fit, focused and female.  Playing for the varsity squad at their Central Texas high school, these two athletic Latinitas are breaking gender boundaries in sports while enjoying positive discipline and competition. <strong>Kumary:</strong> I’m in the 148 weight class. It’s tough to… Read more

roller derby

Roller Derby

Ignoring the stereotypes that rough sports are only for boys, more and more girls today are taking up sports that have them in rough situations. One sport in particular, Roller Derby, is quickly rising again to popularity amongst the ladies. The Sun City Roller Girls are a group of your average, everyday women: students, professionals,… Read more


Riding Pretty

Riding horses seems easy enough right? Well if you’re just riding them for fun yes. But riding them for competitions in a sport called Escaramuza is a whole other world. Liliana Galvan started riding competitively when she was 16 years old, now at the age of 20 she’s gained a little more experience and a… Read more

TV & Movies


Review: East Los High

Hulu released its first and only original series in 2013, East Los High. This short series is one of a kind, an English-language show with an all Latino cast. With only two seasons under its belt, it is making an impression. East Los High is produced and directed by Carlos Portugal, who’s worked on other Latino… Read more


TV Review: The Fosters

I remember sitting in the small theater in my neighborhood, large drink in one hand, while shoving handfuls of popcorn in my mouth with the other, the ad for “The Fosters.” ABC Family was presenting a new series, “The Fosters,” and among the many teenage faces on screen, I saw the familiar faces of Cierra Ramirez… Read more

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Film: Life on the Line

In the documentary, “Life on the Line: Coming of age between nations” by Jen Gilomen and Sally Rubin, the life of a young eleven year old girl, Kimberly Torrez, is portrayed in the story to show her family’s hardships in life facing difficulties in two different worlds. This documentary will be aired during Hispanic Heritage… Read more


REVIEW: Instructions Not Included

Instructions Not Included is the 2013 directorial debut of Eugenio Derbez. While Derbez also stars as the main actor, the film serves as the acting debut of 9-year-old Loreto Peralta who plays his daughter. In a 115 minute bundle of laughs, anger, and tears, Derbez is successful in entertaining his multicultural audience and providing a… Read more


Review: Cesar Chávez

It’s only appropriate that around the time of Cesar Chávez day, that we reflect on the work of Chávez and the strides he made for Mexican American workers. He founded the United Farm Workers in 1962 and supported various worker strikes in California and Texas; his impact is still felt today. Diego Luna’s film, “Cesar… Read more


Underrepresentation of Minority Heroines

It is no big revelation that women of color seldom see themselves in powerful positions in the media, oftentimes making them feel homely and irrelevant. But according to some experts, the lack of representation of minorities in cartoons could also be causing a similar effect for young girls of color. Today’s Youth in Media Maria… Read more


Documentary: The Battle for Land

The Battle for Land, the fourth installment in a documentary series directed by Juan Mejia, aims to expand on the complexities of Afro-Colombian displacement. Told through a hybrid of documentary and animation styles, it tells the heartbreaking, but inspiring stories of Afro-Colombians from the Pacific coast of Colombia who have been displaced, as they foster… Read more


Film Review: “Sleep Dealer”

Award-winning independent film by Alex Rivera, “Sleep Dealer,” takes the viewer to a futuristic, dystopian society through the eyes of oppressed migrant workers. Luis Fernando Peña stars as Memo Cruz, living in Oaxaca and Jacob Vargas as Rudy Ramirez, a U.S. military drone pilot. The film written by Alex Rivera and David Riker explore a… Read more


Minorities in “Glee”

The Fox Network’s T.V. show Glee is known for its appreciation for the “underdog” during its past four seasons. Glee has featured members from many different walks of life, including several cast members whom identify with being a minority and being “different.” The cast features the talented Naya Rivera (African, Puerto-Rican and German), Amber Riley… Read more


Review: Washington Heights

At first glance, Washington Heights is just another canned MTV docu-reality show starring whiny young adults complaining about “drama,” and saying ‘like’ too much.  However, after a few episodes it becomes clear that this is no Jersey Shore substitute. Set in the Heights, a mostly Dominican, low-income neighborhood in Manhattan, the show follows seven 20-something-year-olds in… Read more

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