Friday Night Lights

I’m looking forward to football season because I cannot wait to cheer. All I can think about is those “Friday Night Lights.” I attend Clint High school, a school in West Texas in the middle of nowhere. The people there are so friendly and supportive. The reason I love football Fridays is because of the support and love towards my high school.

We are known as the proud Lions. Not many know about us but the ones who do fear us. I can describe our football team and strong, a family, and believers. Our team is not big but we got all the strength we need to win. I love being a cheerleader, I love showing my school spirit. I live for watching our boys win, the fans screaming ringing their cow bells, the stadium lights shining bright, the lion pride. It is just that rush of adrenaline I get when I cheer I just don’t want the game to end. As a cheerleader I am responsible of many things. I have to keep my grades up, maintain good conduct in all my classes, be able to work with my team, and have the spirit any other cheerleader has. Being a cheerleader is not easy it is hard work and dedication. In the end it is all worth it especially those Friday nights.

The winter of my sophomore year a main role model passed away. He was a coach for our football boys, known as Frank Durant. This loss brought not only our boys to tears but the town of Clint. He was a well known man and loved to joke around. Our football boys were devastated over the loss. It impacted everyone. But the boys had a goal the next football season they would give the season their all, they will “Do it for Durant.” This just inspired the whole town of Clint so much more and got more than everyone involved to make a difference for our team.

This year, the whole season was in honor of Mr. Durant. It was a very successful season I must say. Our boys beat a team they had never been since 1992. It was just amazing. Clint High School definitely has an angel watching over us. And I cannot wait to see what my senior year has in store. I will cheer my heart out and support my football boys one hundred percent.

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