Finding True Love in High School

Holding HandsMy two best friends and I love to get together, buy a bunch of junk food, rent lots of chick flicks and talk at each other’s houses. Of course, the topic of boys quickly comes into the conversation. The three of us have very different opinions about boys and high school love. Like many teenage girls, we believe and hope to someday have our handsome, muscular, smart prince charming swoop in and declare his love for us. Until then, we live the experience of greasy, pimpley, silly high school boys. When you think about it, Mr. Prince Charming was once a teenager too. Could we have possibly found our true love in high school? My best friends and I have don’t share the same view on this topic. Who do you side with?

True Love Can be Found Anytime – Loving Alexia’s Opinion:
My best friend, Alexia, the pretty, hazel eyed, outgoing girl, always has a new boy to talk about! And she always feels that she has fallen madly in love with the newest one. Girls like my best friend Alexia believe that true love can be found anywhere, anytime, and at any age. She believes in the whole “high school sweetheart” and falling in love at our age of 15, 16, 17 and 18.

Saray Argumedo is like Alexia. When asked about high school love she said, “When love is in the air, nobody can stop us from inhaling it! High school relationships can happen. Why not, I’ve seen it happen. If the couple is open to changes then by all means live happily ever after! Love is having the ability to fly.” Alexias are the type of girls who are very fun and outgoing and open to letting themselves fall. They love being in love: the butterflies, the flirting, the giggling, the phone calls, and the seriousness of a relationship. Well, I guess you could say we’re all Alexias at one point. These girls are in love with falling in love.

Love in High School Isn’t Likely – Smart Nancy’s Opinion:
My other best friend Nancy, the cute, stylish, funny girl, goes through boys but isn’t so “fairy-tale” about them; although she still believes her true love is out there. She probably has the most sane idea about high school love between the three of us. Nancy, feels that it’s not likely to fall in love now, but that it can happen.

Sonia Rangel is like Nancy. She agrees with the idea that high school students are “Not too young or too naive, but they have so much more to learn. Their life is barely starting and they shouldn’t rush into anything. Love takes time. At first, the person may seem perfect, but you should really get to know a person before saying that you love each other. Yes, I believe high school relationships can last after graduation. It may not be easy but it’s possible.” Nancys are the type of girls who go cautiously through their relationships, but with enough time, they are willing to fall. They take their time to get to know the guy and once they’re comfortable with them, its easy for them to accept their feeling of love.

High School is Just Puppy Love – Cautious Vanessa, My Opinion:
And then there’s me, the smart, normal, shy girl, who feels that boys come and go, but “love” is not part of the equation. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe in love, but I’m not so convinced it can be felt in high school. Ytzel McDaniel, is like me! She said, “I think puppy love is the most common type of love in high school. Many times high school students can’t tell the difference between a healthy type of love and a destructive one. You can become infatuated quickly and that can lead to love. I know lots of people, and I myself, have felt that feeling of always wanting to be with someone 24/7 and don’t get bored of them very quickly, but I don’t think that’s love.

About high school relationships after graduation: no, sorry I don’t believe they last. There are two scenarios that could happen. First, long distance relationships are almost close to impossible to survive. Secondly, I have never met a truly happy couple that were “high school sweethearts” to me they seem content, but not happy. Love is a lot of things….but I don’t really feel like I am experienced enough to answer this just yet.” You see, girls like me have gone through enough high school, hormone-crazed guys (even though they’re barely teenagers) to realize that they’re not really the “prince charming” that you can fall in love with yet. We’re too young to be thinking of marriage right now, so we’re too young to be thinking of love right now. We fall in “like” instead of falling in love and are a lot more cautious about who we’ll open up to. We’re a bit more boarded up but we believe that love will come when we’re much older and the boys (and ourselves) have a matured a bit more.

Do You Believe in High School Love?
The topic of high school love has been a big debate between the three of us, but they are always interesting and fun! I feel it’s good that the three of us have such different opinions because whenever we have a problem with a guy, we can easily tell each other and hear all the different options and opinions. What is your opinion? A loving Alexia, a smart Nancy, or a cautious Vanessa?

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