Fashion: Eco-Friendly Accessories


What would you say if we told you that a fabulous pair of earrings or brilliant hair piece was sitting in your trash can at this very moment?  Before you run over to check your garbage for anything you may have accidentally tossed, can you remember throwing anything away that may have been recyclable- candy wrapper, an old magazine issue or an empty coke can?  Now what if we told you that these items could have been used to make your own personalized jewelry pieces?

These young ladies had the opportunity to learn about upcycling, the process of converting waste materials into new, useable products.  Some of the items created were a hair bow made out of a wrapper, a bracelet made out of magazine cutouts, and some earrings made out of multi-colored buttons.  It taught them to be more environmentally-conscious as well as tap into their imaginations to create some one of a kind pieces.

“It keeps trash from going into landfills and it’s a unique way to be creative.”
-Giselle Castaneda, age 12

“It’s creative for us.  It’s a unique piece.  What would you have done with it? Just thrown it in the trash?  Instead, you can use it.”
-Daniela Sanchez, age 18

“I think it’s creative even though you don’t have to be like everybody else.  It’s a fun way I guess to relieve stress.  It’s really cool.”
-Jessie Barron, age 16

“It helps people understand that upcycling is way better than buying stuff.”
-Marlett Mojica, age 16

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