Fall Fashion Formula

Don’t trip, it’s fall! Just like seasons, trends come and go. This is the fall fashion formula to help you make every outfit in your closet unforgettable.


First, take one basic piece – this may include dark jeans, a pencil skirt, or a basic top. Then, add one interest piece that highlights texture, prints, colors, patterns and shine. Dark colors are often used in the fall or winter seasons such as grays, black, blues and greens. Add a completer piece like a jacket, cardigan or belt. Finally, to complete the look, accessorize with boots, jewelry, fedoras or scarves.  Remember, when pairing an outfit together, always keep in mind the event you are going to.

Some fall pieces that are a must have in your closet are:

The little black dress is a piece of clothing that can get you out of so many stressful situations when your standing in front of you’re closet yelling “I have NOTHING to wear!!”  You can change it up by trying other dark flattering colors like gray or royal blue.  It gives any girl a makeover from ordinary to sophisticated diva making you the apple of anyone’s eye.

Another must have for fall is the blazer. This casual fashion favorite can always dress up or down any outfit. For a job interview, a black sheer blazer can complete a professional look without taking away the fashion edge. For a walk in the park, a thin blazer can keep you warm and at the same time make the outfit casual and chic.

Long coats create a more casual and cozy look. Here are some ideas and stores for outfits that will blow you away. Burlington has a wide variety of coats that are  designer brand, fashionable and at great prices. Also, Forever 21 always stocks up on different styles of coats and jackets for fall weather.

With all these styling tips, you are ready to take on the world one trend at a time. Shopping smart and with style without hurting our wallet is the key to becoming a fashionista. A great outfit is an essential part of any girls’ day. Wherever life takes you, make sure you always arrive with style.

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