Diary of an Overachiever


My best friend is amazing! She reminds me when I need to do things, is always there for me, takes care of all my phone numbers and contacts, and lets me write all over her! Yes, my agenda and I are very close. Like most nerdy, over achieving people, our agendas have a very special place in our hearts. Of course, you know what it’s like to be an overachiever with hardly any time in your schedule for yourself. I mean you are a high school or college teenage girl! Is that just me? Doesn’t everyone have a strong almost unhealthy relationship with their agendas? I am Vanessa Rodriguez, and I am a busy overachiever. I like to believe that I’m not alone! Here’s a day in the life of a high school overachiever.

With high school almost ending and an expensive college tuition rolling around, scholarships force many of us to fill our schedules with extra curricular activities, advanced placement classes and sports. For me, my extra curricular activities include being a historian for the National Honor Society, being a yearbook editor, being a committed member to student council, devoting my time to National Technical Honor Society (which is like nation honor society just technical), helping out the DECA club, and organizing meetings for the Business of Professionals club. My advanced classes include all of my core classes, some dual credit classes, which are classes that give college credit, and COSMOS classes, an organization focused on a certain curriculum for science and math orientated kids (why did I take it? I don’t know. I don’t even like science and math that much!). I’m not in a physical sport and I was too busy to get my physical in time. Instead, I’m in debate and SkillsUSA, activities that give my brain quite a workout. Now, you can kind of see how my obsession with my agenda came to be.

My real, human, friends are like me. They also devote their time to school, sports and agendas. We would be classified as the “nerds” in our school, but we don’t care. There’s actually a big group of us! We’re all relatively good at science, math, writing and reading, we even compete over grades and ranks, but we aren’t too fond of all of the subjects. We all have that one passion that we want to make our career. We have a future doctor, a business organizer, an architect, a politician, a lawyer, a graphic designer, a writer, an engineer, a couple computer techies and a journalist. Together, we rule the school by planning all of the activities as we hope to one day conquer our world. We’re all in student council so dances, pep rallies, and movements our made up of our opinions, decorations and plans. The school has become our second home. Yes, I know we’re not normal. To be honest, I love being so involved! I’ve met so many people because of everything I’m in, and it feels good being part of our school’s voice. My nerdy friends and I have a busy schedule, but we don’t let it get in the way of our social life. We still get invited to parties, go out to the movies or carnivals and still know how to have a good time. We’re still teenagers.

My busy schedule usually starts at 6:30 in the morning. I wake up and get ready for school (just because I’m dead tired in the morning doesn’t mean I can’t look good!) I arrive at school around 7:15. Yes, class doesn’t actually start until 8 but I like to be there early for any morning meetings or to finish up my homework. Because we all have our own strong suits in certain subjects, my friends and I help each other out with our homework and then we start school. Even though you might not jam pack your time like me, I know, you understand those 8 hours of work that everyone does. After school is over I’m on my way to any after school meetings or practices. Usually I don’t get home until about 5 in the afternoon. And when I’m finally home, I start my homework and don’t finish until about 10. It doesn’t necessarily take me 5 hours to do my homework, but the internet and phone can be such horrible distractions! Procrastination shouldn’t be tolerated in my busy schedule, but it’s always practiced. Finally, I go to sleep completely exhausted and prepare myself for another adventurous day! Then the weekend rolls around and if I don’t have a debate tournament, I have a community service project. Sunday’s are devoted to church and family time. I’m so happy that my family has been very supportive with my busy schedule and I feel there should be a day saved for them. Actually, my busy schedule is the reason why they bought me a car!

I know you’re probably thinking that my life is just way too busy to even enjoy, but I have to say that I love my life and actually love being so busy. Many of my greatest memories and pictures have come from all of the community service projects and events I have been involved in! I’ve met so many people, visited different places and have learned so many new things. I will admit that at first I joined so many things because of college, but now that I look back on it, I don’t regret anything. If you look back at my agenda, it’s really a good work of art, with scribbles, notes, phone numbers, sticky notes, assignments, birthdays and reminders. I love how it outlines everything I accomplished and experienced throughout the year. Even though I can be a bit over achieving I have to say that so far I’ve done a lot of great things!

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