Dealing With Senoritis

As a senior in high school,  I can’t help but worry about the dreaded disease known as “senioritis!” In case you haven’t Teen in front of high school lockerheard, senioritis is a made up disease conjured up by seniors who feel that it is the reason students procrastinate and slack off, which takes a toll on senior year productivity. Although it is made up, I have found that several of my friends, which happen to be some of the most dedicated and committed students in school, have become victims of this make-believe illness. Unfortunately, there are consequences that will affect their future.

What is Senioritis?

Main symptoms include: slacking off in class, procrastinating on homework, cutting classes, laziness, and lack of participation in school, academics, sports and activities. It is highly contagious and targets the majority of people between the ages of non-graduate and graduate. It seems that Senioritis happens because it’s the last year of high school and students just want to leave for college. Ytzel McDaniel, a recent high school graduate in El Paso, Texas and current Latinita, agrees and says Senioritis continues to infect “because all you want to do is get out of [high school] and get into college. There is a lot of red tape that comes with senior year, and it comes at the worst time because all you want to do is get out!”

What causes Senioritis?

Many students work the hardest throughout their junior year- sacrificing rest, comfort, and utter enjoyment of life. I would know because I fell into that overworking zombie mode, non-stop, joining club after club after club, devoting weekends to community service projects and spending long, sleepless nights to excel on homework. Now that our last year of high school is coming up, it seems almost irresistible to take a little break from all of our hard work, and, based on all the rumors from previous seniors, its not too hard to take a break. Many of the students that fall into Senioritis have already completed their college applications and resumes during the summer before their senior year (college application deadlines usually occur in fall semester), therefore doing more work that won’t be added to final admissions seems unnecessary and tedious. Catching the disease is easy but what many people don’t take into consideration is that the consequences can be life altering.

What are the Consequences on Senioritis?

Although Senioritis is not a serious disease, it’s symptoms do resemble the same as depression. Here is where it starts to get serious. Many students start to feel lazy and displeased about having to get up and participate in class, sports, or activities at school. Some get a bit nostalgic and depressed about having to get used to not being able to see their friends or having to be independent and live on their own without the guidance of adults. Many (like myself and a couple of my friends) are afraid of the real world and feel that they aren’t ready to start a new chapter in their lives. Some actually do fall into depression because of the serious consequences that follow from Senioritis; ranging from failing grades, to losing spots off the varsity team, to colleges or universities rescinding their acceptance, to financial aid reworking your already established paperwork! Taking a break from school work can go as far as making a steady future turn into an unknown, shaky one. According to USA Today, “[Colleges] may be more likely to revoke an offer of admission to those who haven’t maintained top grades or fallen short in some other way… Those who slack off will find themselves last in line.” Regardless of whether your admissions application is flawless and perfect, colleges will still keep a very close eye on you and can still deny you admission. What if you fall into the disease and unfortunately gotten worse, what can you do?

How to prevent and get back up from Senioritis?

Well the remedy can be tough, but there are some solutions. First, try preventing ever falling into Senioritis.  Get your “cootie-shot” which consists of books, energy, motivation and devotion!  Always remember that even though you’ve already been accepted or have sent your final letters in, high school is not over yet! Continue being involved but don’t overwork yourself too much like you have for the passed 3 years. Many youth-serving organizations like College Board and the National Youth Leadership Council believe that participating in service-learning programs could help motivate seniors. These programs include getting involved in the community through internships, community partnerships and community service. These programs believe that seniors are most likely to be down about high school because they want to leave and experience what’s outside, and what better way of gaining experience than actually getting out there!

Good Luck!

We need to wake up, and continue working until our high school days are over! There is a reason we have 12 grades and we can’t let Senioritis take over our world and cause us to get rid of a grade and dumb down. Get your Senioritis-shot and keep going! I wish all of you seniors good luck and don’t let this disease take over your future and well being!

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