Concert Review: Delta Spirit

The festival concert circuit can produce some of the most fun, inspiring experiences. Or, others – weather not-permitting – shows in hot, humid and soaking rainfall conditions.  For some bands, Hurricane Sandy could be tearing the world down around you – and you still stay, watch, listen and love them.  So was my experience at Latinitas base-city Austin’s annual Austin City Limits music festival that attracts over 100,000 people, rain or shine.  I waited patiently on the schedule for an amazing band from California: Delta Spirit.

Delta Spirit, a rock band from San Diego California, consists of five talented guys: bass player Jon Jameson, percussionist Brandon Young, multi-instrument player Kelly Winrich, guitar player Will McLaren and guitar player and lead vocals Matthew Vasquez.

Their music is a rare mix of soft-rock, indie, Gospel and folk that I haven’t heard elsewhere. Delta Spirit’s music is peaceful, the beats are catchy and the lyrics will never leave your head.

At the show, it seemed the band attracts fans of all different ages, high school to Grandpas. The power of music bought people together. The band had a set list of 12 songs. The first song People C’mon, really motivated the crowd. The audience responded to lead singer and Latino Matt Vasquez as he climbed to the top of one of the show’s giant speakers. This move drove fans insane!

After that dangerous stunt, people began to sing along with Vasquez. During the song California, everyone was singing along off-tune without a care in the world. Vasquez continued the sing-a-long pointing the microphone to audience a few times during the chorus.

The set was a great mix, each song seemed unlimited. Delta Spirit did not disappoint at all and I kind of forgot about the humidity of the day. They were energetic, fun and great to watch.

The performance made me forget about how disgusting the weather was, how much sweat was sliding down my face and that the ground was covered in half-filled drink cans ruining my favorite pair of Toms shoes.

To be honest, I was one of those crazy-obsessed fans that kept jumping up and down as I sang (or more like yelled) along to every song. I was fangirl defined. I even yelled, “I love you Matthew” during the performance. The performance, to me, felt out-of-this-world. It was crazy, energetic, fun and memorable.

Here’s a video of Delta Spirit performing their song Tear It Up at the Austin City Music Festival: Video


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