College Life

By: Yvonne Morin

Hola Latinitas! My name is Yvonne Morin and I’m a 19 year old Mexican American girl from George West, Texas (a tiny town in South Texas). This is my second year at the University of Texas in Austin. I’m currently majoring in Mexican American studies and plan to minor in education. My dream is to be a high school principal and eventually work in Washington, D.C trying to improve the educational system. Below are some more interesting facts about me:
Birthplace: I was born in a house in Beeville, Texas by a midwife!
Favorite color: black
Favorite book: Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel
Favorite author: Sandra Cisneros
Favorite food: my momma’s everything….especially her enchiladas
Role model: My mom, my dad, and Dolores Huerta
Most embarrassing moment: I was walking to the bus and a friend of mine came up to me and said that my skirt was lifted up underneath my backpack so that you could see my whole bum!

Monday 4:30 pm

Dear Latinitas,
A few weeks back I was supposed to keep a diary for Latinitas and submit it to them for the website, unfortunately, with school and work I started getting sidetracked with other projects and never got around to writing it. Now I’m going to start and try to keep it going all week long. I don’t know how Alicia and Laura (editors of the site) do it!!

Today I had psychology and physical geography. I had to drag myself out of bed to make it in time to catch the bus and get to class on time. My first class doesn’t start until 10 am. However, I didn’t get in from work until 11:30 pm and stayed up studying for cultural anthropology, so I didn’t get to sleep until 2:00 am. I was really sleepy when I woke up and just threw on whatever clothes were around.

I remember my first semester in college I would wake up an hour and a half before I had to leave for class, take a shower, straighten my hair, put on makeup, and pick a cute outfit to wear to school. Not anymore! The best I go for now is to look decent, not cute. My new routine is to take a shower at night (I still straighten my hair the night before because I don’t like my curly hair), wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth and put on a t-shirt, track pants and sneakers or flip flops. Sleep is far more important to me right now than looking cute in class. Besides, there is always the weekends to dress up and go out.

Looking at the clock now, I realize that I have to get dressed for work.

Gee…..I can’t wait for the weekend….this looks like it’s going to be a long week.

Tuesday 11:38 pm

Dear Latinitas,
I just got in from work. I’m a cashier at Target. Most days I can enjoy myself because I like interacting with people; working as a cashier I get to talk to different people all day long. Today was not an easy day though.

More often than not, I have really nice and friendly people come through my line. And then there are people that make me want to quit my job. I had someone in my line like that.

He had an entire cart full of merchandise he was purchasing, some of which included a huge tub of kitty litter and a big bag of dog food. Luckily for me, the handheld scanner that I use to scan items was broken, so I was going to have to lift the heavy stuff. Most people are nice and will help you. This man did not, he stood there and watched me struggle with them.

After he paid for his things and I was already ringing the next customer up, he came back and said that I overcharged him on some cat food. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fix the problem, when things like that happen we have to send the customer to guest services where they fix it. But, he didn’t want to go there, he wanted me to fix it. After yelling at me for not noticing the price (like I know the price for every single thing in the store) the manager finally came, explained to him that he had to go to guest services, and the customer followed him there. The grand total difference of what the scanner charged and what he said the price was? A whopping $.45. That’s right ladies….45 cents!

Only three more days until the weekend………

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