Celia Hernandez, 20 Latinitas Under 20

Name: Celia Hernandez

Age: 18

Heritage: Mexican

Hometown: South Gate, California

Volunteer Experience:

Celia Hernandez has been a part of the arc Leadership Council since she entered high school. She quickly gravitated toward our civic and arts programs. Throughout her high school career Celia has helped organize various volunteer projects. I met her during her sophomore year when she joined my HerStory club, a club dedicated to honoring and supporting women. During her time as a HerStory member Celia Hernandez helped our team of girls run a successful clothing drive for the Downtown Womens Shelter in Los Angeles. She also helped create an assembly where “Blanket of Stars: Homeless Women In Santa Monica” author Frances Noble spoke to some of our students at South Gate High School about the reasons why so many women are homeless. Celia is always driven to help those less fortunate than her. She feels strongly about issues pertaining to women’s rights and advocating on behalf of those whose voices often go unheard. She also participated in various walks and helped raise funds for the American Diabetes Association as well as the United Way.

What challenges has she overcome?:

Celia grew up in the city of South Gate, it is a small urban community where most of the population is Hispanic. She comes from a low income family where both her parents work to support the family. Although her family does not have much, Celia rarely see’s her families financial difficulties as a burden. She is always upbeat and in a great mood. She is grateful for what she has and understands that others are in worst situations than she is, this allows her unselfishness to shine through and help those in need.

What makes her a leader?:

Celia has been a part of the arc Leadership Council . She has participated in various leadership camps and trainings as part of the LAUSD “Take Action Campaign”. The “Take Action Campaign” is designed to help form the leaders of tomorrow. It motivates students to take action in their communities and schools. As a fourth year in the program Celia has acquired a number of leadership skills. She is a great public speaker and motivator. She has great organizational skills which have allowed her to plan and execute school and community events. She spearheads our annual school talent show, and helps manage one of the stages at our district wide “Spotlight On Success” culminating event for the Take Action Campaign.

What extra-curricular activities is she involved in?:

Celia is a member of the arc afterschool Leadership Council. She helps plan and execute events at her high school as well as community. She is also a member of the South Gate High School Dril Team where she helps promote school spirit. Celia is also in love with the arts, she enjoys music, singing and performing.

How is she a good example and positive role model to other girls?:

Although Celia has had to endure hardships at home, she uses her situation as motivation to help others. She is an exceptional young lady who is proud to be a women and does her best to make sure other females embrace their gender and strives to make sure the voices of those who are often overlooked do not go unheard. She is bright and full of ideas that always motivate others to get involved. She possesses a great charismatic attitude towards life and all that she does.

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