An Alternate Quinceañera

Here I am standing in front of an inactive volcano with my dad, mom and brother. I celebrated my quince by spending a week in Ecuador. During my visit I went white water rafting, horseback riding, dancing, shopping, swimming, and so much more! I also go to spend time with my uncles, aunts and all my cousins. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much about my family and my heritage.

As early as ten years old, visions of pink, puffy, and sparkly dresses fill the minds of young Latinas all over the world. They dream about the sacred father daughter dance, their dreamy chamberlain, and of course the beautiful cake. They dream about having a quinceañera.

If this does not capture your heart, you are not the only one. These days many girls are opting for an alternate celebration. Some chose to keep it low key by going bowling, seeing a movie or just having a small dinner.  A popular option is also going with friends to a theme park.

Another option is to travel. A large number of girls celebrate their fifteenth birthday in other countries, typically in the country of their heritage. This option may seem expensive, but compared to a typical quinceañera that could cost $5,000- $20,000 you could actually save some money by choosing to travel.

Something to consider is that a quinceañera party is only one night, while traveling could be from 4 days to 2 weeks. Choosing to travel also provides you with the chance to meet extended family or family that could not have been able to celebrate your quince if you had a party. A quinceañera is the perfect time to learn more about your heritage, so what better way than in the heart and center of it all. Traveling also gives you the chance to expand your vocabulary and practice your Spanish. Some other benefits of traveling are that it increases your knowledge, widens your perspective, creates unforgettable memories, increase your resourcefulness, and gives you relaxation– instead of the crazy stress that may occur when planning a quinceanera.

A con to this is that you will not be able to celebrate with your friends. A solution to this could be having a small get together before or after the trip, but if this is a serious issue then traveling might not be the right option.

Regardless of how you chose to celebrate your quinceañera it will be a special day no matter what. Shoes, makeup, dresses, cake, tickets, and planes don’t make a quinceañera, the people you celebrate with do! I should know, I celebrated my quinceanera with my family in Ecuador!

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