All Around the World

Hey Latinitas where in the world do you wanna go and how do you plan on getting there? Is your family making plans for the summer? Do you have a senior trip coming up?  Do you want to organize a road trip before college? Is there a travel-abroad or volunteer-abroad program at your campus? Traveling can be fun and exciting with so many new places to discover. You get to learn about different cultures and foods and make life long memories that you can share with all your friends! So latinitas where in the world do you wanna go?

Pick a Place

“If I could go somewhere, I would go to Albuquerque, New Mexico, because my aunt and uncle live there and I hardly get to see them.”- Jasmine Escobar, age 10

“I would go to San Antonio, Texas, because I want to see the Riverwalk. I’m actually going there this summer!”- Alexandra Gomez, age 13

“I want to go to Paris because I want to see the Eiffel Tower!”- Abby Lopez, age 12

“I would go to Italy, because I really like the way they talk. I would say China, but I have already been there.” – Danica Lopez, age 11

“I would want to go to Australia, because they talk cool. They say ‘good day mate’.” Mia James, age 11

“Rome because my mom went there and I want to see what she saw.” Alissa Saenz, age 10.

Plan Your Trip

Before you start planning your dream vacation make sure to check with your parents. It may take awhile to actually visit the place you’ve been dreaming of, but after all your planning and saving, your trip will be so much more worth it!

1.Time To Research: No matter where you are going in the world it is important to research the place you are planning to visit. If you are going to a different country, it is going to be very different than the United States. You will need to transportation (bus, train, plane, ship) and hotel accommodations. Look up different places to visit, the food, the culture, and the language they speak.

2. Save, Save, Save! With the help of you parents, set aside money for the trip. Since your parents will most likely be going with you, they will be taking care of the cost of the trip, but its always a good idea to save up some money to buy souvenirs for yourself, your family, and your friends.

3. Hmm when should we go? Most people take vacations during the summer, but as you research the place you plan to visit, you may find that the best times to visit certain places are in the fall or winter. You also have to plan a vacation when you don’t have school like Spring Break or your parents don’t have to work. Also, decide if your family is going to fly or drive to your destination.

4. Book It! If you are flying or driving, staying in a hotel or resort, you have to make a reservation. This way you will have somewhere to stay and you have a way to get there. If you want to go to special shows, concerts or performances, you will also want to get your tickets early.

5. Oh boy! Time to Pack: When you finally have your trip all planned, it is time to pack! Packing can be just as hard as actually planning your trip. With your parents help make sure to pack clothes that fit the weather. If you are going during the summer pack summer clothes, if your going in the winter pack winter clothes. Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, beauty items and any other toiletry you think you might need.

All Set! Let’s Go

Now that you have set up your trip, you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures, learn a lot of new and interesting things, but most of all have fun. Your dream vacation is waiting for you!

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