Affordable Styles For Your Body Type

Fashion is relative. It’s continuously changing and varies according to the individual. Some women might drift towards clothes that show off their curves while other women might want to wear something a bit more conservative. Some people might think tattoos are beautiful; others might find them dirty or unladylike. No matter who you are, your clothes have a way of telling the world a little bit about yourself. Although appearance is never more important than personality, it’s fun to show off your creativity and style. That’s where fashion comes in.

Fashion Tip: Buying more for less

The most expensive designers will always have something you love, which can make it more attractive. Instead of worrying about the high price tag or brand, you can dress beautifully if you retain an open attitude. The trick to dressing beautifully and staying within your budget is finding stores that are affordable, stores that have great sales, and local resale stores. Here are some stores with ideal prices: H&M, Forever 21, DSW, Nordstrom Juniors BP, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy and Target. Other stores that may be a bit more extravagant, but have incredible prices in their sales rack, include: Banana Republic, GAP, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Zara and Nordstrom.

There is a beautiful little black dress designed by Kathy Hilton that’s pricey for most folks at $395. If you shop around some of the mentioned stores, you can find a similar dress at H&M for $15. Or, if you fell in love with this Stella McCartney clutch bag ($875), look no further than this Nordstrom find ($54) to make your wallet happier. While you’ll never find the exact same dress or handbag, something similar that’s just as cute is worth the penny (or hundreds of dollars) saver. Plus, you can spend the money left over on other affordable clothes or accessories!

Find other ways to acquire clothing that may not involve money, like clothes swapping. If you and your friends share the same taste in clothes and are the same size, gather up some clothes you no longer wear, tell them to do the same and see if there is anything you can switch with them.

Fashion Tip: Flattering your body type

An important fashion tip to keep in mind is to wear something that flatters your body type and is comfortable. Women come in different shapes and sizes, but, when it  comes to fashion, wearing something that is comfortable and flattering to YOUR body type can up your stance as a trend setter. In short, you are the one who knows your body best. When trying on different outfits, be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if the clothes you have on suit you. Don’t be afraid to try new things, fashion is all about being bold and original.

If you love your legs, don’t be shy to show them off! Skinny jeans are a versatile piece of wardrobe. Skinny jeans paired with a loose blouse or a nice top will balance the silhouette. When paired with a plain t-shirt, you can give the everyday look a little spice with a statement necklace. High-waisted pants are also flattering on petite figures. When wearing high-wasted pants, tuck in the shirt.

Think skinny jeans are not curvy friendly? Jeans and stretchy pants with a bootleg cut look great on a voluptuous body type – your legs will suddenly seem longer! Wear some heels to make the effect more drastic. This look goes great with a long and loose blouse or a simple shirt for casual days. Skintight clothing may not always be flattering and while constricted clothes may help show off your beautiful curves, trying bootleg jeans will flatter this body type more than skinny jeans. Instead of wearing a short, body-hugging skirt, try wearing a longer, looser skirt. These types of skirts have a light and flowing look that keep you stylish and compliment your curves beautifully. Baggy clothing can be a fashion disaster if not worn properly. If the clothes are too baggy they might make you look like a little girl in your mother’s oversized shirts.

When it comes down to it, remember to always dress for yourself. Never settle for something you dislike just because it’s currently in style. Wear clothing that flatters you, not your friends’ opinions. Wear a certain outfit because you feel like it and remember to keep it appropriate for the occasion. Don’t worry about being underdressed or overdressed. Put yourself in clothing that you feel comfortable in. When your clothes give you confidence, it shows, and let’s be honest, everyone can use a little pick-me-up every now and then.

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