iD Tech Camps Give You Skills

Technology camps aren’t just for kids who like to sit in front of computers all day. They show you lots of new tricks other than logging on to the Internet.

Programs like internalDrive Tech Camps, which hosts camps at universities around the country, provide courses on technology ranging from video game creation, digital video, computer programming, robotics and Macromedia Flash animation.

“We run tech camps at 40 locations in 19 states and in Spain, says Barbara Ruttiro, the marketing assistant of iD Tech Camps. “Kids can sign up for a variety of classes from programming to video editing.”

The summer camp program is open to anyone between the ages of 7 to 17. While technology camps may be thought of as a boy’s world, more and more girls are becoming tech savvy and joining in on the fun. Ruggiero fills us in on all our questions about camp.

What are iD tech camps?
It is a summer technology camp that runs in week-long segments where you can work with industry-standard products.

What do you do at camp?
It’s like traditional camp with a university and technology edge. You can sign up for a variety of classes and everyone creates their own project at the end of each week. You also get to play sports, card games, go bowling and a variety of other things.

Why are the camps held at universities?
We have a university setting because it pumps our students up for a higher education environment.

Who teaches the camps?
We have directors, assistant directors and instructors who are undergraduates or graduate students from the university hosting the camp. There are lots of female instructors and directors.

Do a lot of girls attend the camps?
We have a number of girls who go to the camps, especially in Spain. We do usually have more guys, but we have a place for girls to go do things that they love as well.

What do you learn from technology camp?
Students really like the games and surfing the Web, but they also get to see how games and sites are made. Our students are very smart and a few of them have gone on to start their own technology businesses or create their own games. They even help parents with creating Web sites.

The iD Tech Camps run throughout the summer in a variety of states, including in Texas at the University of Texas at Austin, University of Houston and Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Week-long day camp sessions start at $649, and there are several ways to save on tuition like family, university faculty and staff, referral and online registration discounts. Visit for more information.

By Maira Garcia

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