Ready for Back to School?

Are you ready for the school time crunch? Many chicas have a hard time keeping up with homework, tests, extracurricular activities and friendships. Latinitas’ teen reporters dish about how they manage their busy schedules. “I keep track by keeping a calendar or a planner. I keep everything in check and try not to get out of order. If something pops up, I always put in on my planner. I keep everything in folders so I can be organized,”

– Laura Galindo, age 15

“When something pops up, I automatically write things down as my day goes. I sometimes have friends and family that remind me of things needing to be done. I also write things on the calendar. I organize my work in individual binders for class.”

– Hiley Escobar, age 16

“I keep a planner to help manage my time. Without it, I would be completely unorganized. Another thing I tend to do when I forget things is to write a short, one-word note on my hand to help remind me to put it in my planner. When I ask my friends to remind me not to forget things, it doesn’t seem to work much. Unless they write it down in their planner or have an excellent memory, they’re most likely to forget, too.”

– Geneva Diaz, age 16

“I write down my homework in a journal and when it is due. I would also write what class it is for.”

– Samantha Escobar, age 16
By Teen Reporters

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