Making Good Grades

Doing well in school isn’t just for goody two shoes. It’s just a matter of making your education a priority and following these simple tips from an experienced honor roll student.

Dodge class distractions.
Paying attention in class can be a very hard decision for most teens. Friends, notes and cell phones sometimes come in the way. Here’s some ways to avoid those distractions.

  • Friends: Tell your friends that you really want to learn and pass your classes. Give them hints that you want to be left alone. If this is too hard for you to do, then talk to a very close friend, and see if they can help you.
  • Notes: Avoid passing notes during class. If you receive a note just stash it under your stuff on the desk and read it later. If you write back, then you could miss the topic being discussed in class.
  • Cell phones: Turn your cell phones off, and put them in your book bag. Avoid using cell phones during school hours. If you’re paying attention to the cell phone or text messages you could be missing the lesson. Check up on your phone at lunch.

Ask questions without hesitation.
I’ve noticed that most people are embarrassed to ask questions. But what’s embarrassing about it? Would you prefer be confused because you didn’t ask for help or would you rather to be on track because you did? I’d go for the second one. Ask questions when ever you don’t understand something. Who cares what the other students think of it. You may not be the only one struggling.

Do your homework—even if you don’t understand it.
Look over your homework the second you get it. If you feel you need extra help on it, stay after school. Do your homework the night assigned, and make sure to turn in when it’s due. If you do not understand something on your homework keep trying. If you still don’t understand it, then put a star next to the problem and ask your teacher the following day. They won’t give you a bad grade because you didn’t understand it. The thing they will give a bad grade for is not doing the homework all together.

Get organized.
Buy a planner. Write down all your homework and cross each assignment off as you finish. This keeps you motivated to continue marking off your list. Believe me, this works.

Study outside of school.
Study with friends who are serious about school. Study without being told to study by your parents. Reread over a lesson and do some extra problems. This is how college will be: more study time, less class. It’s good to start now!

Go to tutoring.
Go to tutoring to get a better understanding of your class work. It helps!! If you go to tutoring you will be able to do your work with flying colors. You will also have to go more than once, but if you go every day for a short amount of time you will make the grade you want.

If a peer is making fun of you because your grades are better than theirs, don’t worry about it. It probably means they are jealous. Try not to pay attention to them. You’ll see the rewards of getting good grades. Don’t give up. Keep trying!

By Krystella Rangel, Teen Reporter

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