College Prep Tips

Follow these college prep tips to get ready to reach your higher education goals:

Get Informed
“You can go to college fairs to see what options you have.” – Rachel Ford, age 15

Get Good Grades
“Always pay attention in class and stay focused in high school. Work on getting good grads. This can help give you a better chance to go to college.” – Melissa Arredondo, age 14

Get Goals
“Get a future that you like and figure out what career is for you.” – Alison Torres, age 15

Get a Jump Start
“Take AP and honor classes to prepare for college. Enroll in challenging classes that can help you later on in life.” – Brianna Muñoz, age 14

Get Accepted Early
“You can attend junior college while you are in high school to see what it is like. You can also get college credit.” – Victoria Lozano, age 14

Get Involved
“You can prepare for college by doing your best in school clubs, community service and activities. This will look good on your application.” – Kimberly Martinez, age 15

Get Test Scores
“Study for your college entrance exams and take the SAT and AP tests.” – Yeseñia Cavazos, age 17

Get Organized
“Start early with college applications. If you, keep pushing them back and back, before you know it they will be due. Be organized and prepared to meet the deadlines.” – Letty Garcia, age 15

Get Money
“You have to save money, fill out loan applications and apply for scholarships.” – Brittney Garza, age 15

Get Into the Right School
“In order to prepare for college, you must be informed about making the right college choice for you. Start investigating schools and take tours. Find out what you can expect at each campus.” – Vianey Parra, age 17

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