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Have you been thinking of new ways to change your wardrobe? Are you bored with the current fashions in your hometown? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Look to our hermanas abroad for inspiration. From Tokyo to Paris to Latin America, and back to the U.S., look around the globe to get the 411 on the international trends.

Japan is filled with different and exciting fashions that can easily catch anyone’s eye. If you are looking for a new and exciting look, then this is definitely the way to go. If crazy and fun is your style, then perhaps Harajuku is the style for you! Harajuku is not only an area in Tokyo, but it is also known for the many fashion styles used by teens. These unique fashion styles range from gothic to doll-like, or anime characters, which are known as cosplay. I mean just imagine! Some girls will be dressed with cute doll dresses and big bows. Others will be wearing heavy makeup and dressed as cartoon characters by wearing animal ears to fit into their character. So if you are into anime or cartoon characters, you might want to go out looking for some animal ears to complete your outfit. However, if wearing heavy makeup and bunny ears is not your style, than Shibuya109 may be a better fit for you. Shibuya 109 is a 9 story building where you can go shopping crazy and find hot new styles. The clerks working in these trendy shops are also very interesting with their usually bleached hair, heavy tan, tall platform shoes and mini skirts.

If Tokyo didn’t have what you wanted, then Paris might satisfy your look. The city of love is also known as the leading fashion capital of the world. Parisian style is classy, chic, sophisticated and stylish. What makes their fashion style so chic? It’s not that they need to always perfectly match or wear the most expensive clothes. If you will make this your new look, about 80% of the clothes in your closet will be black, and the other 20% will probably be gray. It might sound depressing, but you would be surprised at how fancy these two colors can be. Plus, don’t forget that you can always accessorize. Dark, denim skinny jeans are also very popular and you can pair them with flats or flat leather boots. Are you getting a better idea of what to wear?

Check out what Latin America has in store. Latinas are known for having strong, bright and cheerful personalities that are able to shine in any room. When we think of Latin America, we think of tropical climates, fun in the sun, dancing and having a good time. This boldness is also shown through in Latin fashion. If you want to get into that Latina character, you need to be confident with what you wear. Start by choosing a dress with a bohemian style. Whether you are going to lunch with your amor, or for a fun night with the chicas, dresses are very feminine. They like to always present themselves looking frescas. If you were to raid their closet, I am sure you would also find lots of bright wear to highlight that beautiful suntan glow that identifies Latina girls. Unlike the Parisian style, color is an important part of the Latino fashion sense. Along with their natural beauty, Latinas are also characterized for being hip with shoes. Wear cute strappy sandals that will look just as good with some jeans as they will with a flirty skirt. Jewelry is also a major must. A belt can really add to your simple outfit, and large hoops can really pick up what you are wearing. If your thing is to always to be at the top of what it is in style, than the Latin American style is just for you.

Fashion in the U.S. is a mixture of comfort with style, which we know as the preppy look. Unlike other parts of the world, wearing flip-flops and cute sporty clothes does not make you look sluggish, but actually very much in style. American girls like feel fresh and comfy whether wearing a sweat suit or a flowing skirt with a fresh tank top. You can try putting together a pastel colored polo shirt with some kacky shorts and patterned converse. Or of if you want a more feminine look, a tennis inspired dress with gladiator sandals will hit the spot. Graphic tees are also a great way to express yourself and put it in words. Combine one with some light jeans and a leather messenger bag to complete your look. Of course you can always dress up or dress down your outfit as much as you would like. For example adding a ribbon to you hair on a pony or half pony will really mark the preppy look. Also adding a brown, leather belt goes well with the preppy style.

Just like languages, fashion is spoken in many different ways. “Right now everything goes,” says Laura Rayborn, fashion show organizer and owner of Laura’s Productions Modeling Agency. Colors, plaids, whites, blacks, can all be combined. She also advised how nowadays shoes no longer have to match the purse. The way someone interprets fashion is only up to that person.There is no right or wrong and that is what fashion around the world tells us. Remember that whether you are short, tall, light, or dark, thin, or curvy, there is always a perfect style for you. Confidence is the best fashion style, so feel free to wear whatever you please and express your style your own way. From Tokyo, Paris, Latin America, and returning to the U.S., you interpret fashion.

April 2009

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