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Social Media Done Right

Women in Social Media

While there are girls who abuse use social media by posting inappropriate pictures and/or content of themselves just to receive “likes,” there are women who use this powerful tool to build their professional online presence.  With modern college courses like “social media journalism,” social networks like Twitter and Instagram are being used in positive ways to help… Read more

Latina on Computer

Demand for Latinas in Tech

The evolution of how we communicate with people has passed all boundaries. From e-mail and social media, to online advertising. Today, people are taking in information in more creative and tech-friendly ways, especially the younger generation. The new media industry is growing, and in more dynamic ways than ever before. With this growth, many women… Read more

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The Evolution of The “Selfie”

Through the evolution of the internet, the self-portrait became the fixed photo worth taking.  The photographic images change so much on social-networking sites that one photo of you is never enough for new eyes to rate. An increasing number of posts on social networking ask other girls to “like their status” and get “rated.” To… Read more


Texting in the Fast Lane

As technology becomes more closely tied to our daily lives, a growing problem for young drivers is using gadgets while behind the wheel. Cellphone texting is distracting and endangering the lives of its users. A group being seriously affected is teenage drivers who despite being new to driving are risking it all to send that… Read more

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iD Tech Camps Give You Skills

Technology camps aren’t just for kids who like to sit in front of computers all day. They show you lots of new tricks other than logging on to the Internet. Programs like internalDrive Tech Camps, which hosts camps at universities around the country, provide courses on technology ranging from video game creation, digital video, computer… Read more

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Top Gadget Gifts

Digital Camera This gift is perfect for the family member who takes pictures at all family events or maybe for someone with an eye for photography! 5.0 – Megapixel, captures high-resolution images. 1.7” LCD Monitor $119.99 at 5.1 Mega-pixel captures high-resolution images. 2.5” color LCD Monitor, Scratch-resistant. $219.99 at Cell Phone This gift… Read more

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