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Father’s Day Poem

Ability to negotiate Unreachable capacity to listen Stumble, smart, and noble character Who has proposed to himself to be my father From before I was born you were already thinking of me My steps, my laughs, my falls Made themselves onto their way on your childish mind Your teen and adult mind Your sleepless nights,… Read more

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Poem: El Sol

El Sol by Celeste Ledesma The garbage man, Our country once called Him a no one, a ghost Of nothing that slipped In through the night of our Nation and wouldn’t dare Leave the shadows. Our country then called Him a someone, finally, A someone who didn’t belong In civilian clothing, And so he was… Read more


Poem: Room

Written by Stephanie Hernandez It’s just an empty room A naked window and wooden floors Beige walls and red doors The shadows of falling leafs reflect on the window While the sun rays leak through With golden light that sways with winter scents Their smells are lingering content The wind whispers stories in the walls… Read more


Poem: I Am A Puerto Rican Woman

by Sandra Diaz I Am A Puerto Rican Woman And You Will Not Experiment On Me. Gone are the days of eradicating our babies Sterilization of our population No consent castration Making us an empty shell of our former self Maria’s and Jose’s… Vanished from Our wombs Brown Castano skin Pupils of wonder, Innocence ripped… Read more

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Poetry: Drifting Thoughts

Drifting Thoughts  by Andrea Barreto I keep my heart where blue kisses gold, near sand that sparkles like the facets of a diamond. Sunlight beats down, reflecting off the constant waves. These waves gleam golden for the day, then fade to an incandescent glow in the silver light of night. With every splash against the shore,… Read more

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Poetry: The Beautiful Truth

Turn the page, perfect symmetrical body Wearing the clothes you wish you have With their glowing colored eyes and skin. Turn the page, expensive make-up ads, Make your eye lashes look longer than your hair, Make your flawed skin look flawless And your lips look bigger than your face. Turn the page, tips on boys,… Read more


Poem: Broken

by Fallon Sousa, 18 As I glance out past my window and I see these broken skies; Oh, how they closely mirror the teardrops in my eyes. I have listened to such thunder as I walked beyond the trees, like a chained, forgotten lover who hopes only to be freed. As I fade into the… Read more


Poem: The Island Of The Free

By Ashley Paramo The first time I went to America I had high hopes for what I would see. And even though I enjoyed myself I did not enjoy how Americans treated me. “It’s because you look Puerto Rican” My aunt said to me. But Puerto Rico is a part of America! How can Americans… Read more

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Poem: Mi Barrio

Poem: Mi Barrio by Keila Gomez, age 16 Mi barrio, a place that defines the person that I am. Mi barrio where I am from. The place that defines the way I talk, the way I walk and the way I think. My neighborhood that made me tough, the neighborhood that taught me to not… Read more

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Poetry: My Name

My Name – Ellazahe Ellazhe is originally spelled Alize. Ellazahe is an alcohol. I got my name cause my dad just came home and said her name will be Ellazahe. I have many nicknames: Lizard, Zahezahe, Zaheweezze. I got them randomly but my favorite nickname is Zahezahe because my great grandma would only call me… Read more