Girl Talk


Advice By Latinitas

As part of our Women’s History Month Blog-a-thon, we asked Latinitas to write their top words of wisdom. What advice would you like to share with younger girls? “The best advice I can give young girls is to be your absolute self. Being who you are will help you find your true friends, give you… Read more


Girl Talk: Friendship and Boyfriend Woes

Have you ever had a friend in a bad relationship? Have you ever felt pressured into choosing between your best friend or your boyfriend? Or have you ever had to make a decision between your parents? Relationships are like a baby, you have to care, spend time with them, and love them; but you don’t… Read more

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Early College Program: Worth It?

Written by Joella Methola  My experience with the early college life is remarkable. I attend the El Paso Community College (EPCC) as an early college student. As an early college student, this means that I go to both high school and college. It is a unique campus environment where I earn college credits, a high… Read more


Retaining Your Cultural Heritage Through College

Sometimes with the start of a new chapter in one’s life, it’s difficult to hold one’s heritage close. And for some, the fear of losing one’s cultural roots may prevent someone from attending college far away or stepping off to a new adventure. This is why it’s so important to see the value of being… Read more


In Search of Female Doctors

To be a doctor, one must be passionate, dedicated, intelligent, hardworking, and compassionate. Women are ideal for these positions! Why is it, then, that less than half of all physicians and surgeons are female? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “in 2012, 34.3% of all physicians and surgeons were women.” Even though it is… Read more

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Talking About Aunt Flow

Mamí, me platicas de mi cuerpo que esta cambiando? Mom, would you talk to me about my changing body? It is normal for a young girl to have tons of questions about their menstrual cycle, or period as it is commonly known. Girls between the ages of eleven and fourteen have experienced this changing event… Read more


Cloning Is the New Trend

Cloning means to make an identical copy of (insert anything here). For every culture, there comes along a unique ethnicity in which certain traditions and models are followed. Latinas are known to have brown skin, wide hips, and a natural sense of motherhood. While everyone might not fit this mold, this is how Latinas are… Read more

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My Mother

Like Mother, Like Daughter By Jasmin Flores My mom gave birth to me a month before her 18th birthday. Though she was young, that didn’t hinder her desire to be the mom she wanted to be as well as the mom I deserved. As far as I can remember, my mom has always been my… Read more


Why I Love My Major

If you are getting ready to apply to college or have at least started thinking about applying, you are probably wondering how in the world are you going to choose a major. You might already have your parents or other family members pressuring you into pursuing a major that they think is best for you. It… Read more


Resolutions Worth Keeping

Most people set a new resolution every year, but end up forgetting about them by, um, mid…. January. However, these five New Years Resolutions are truly worth keeping all year! You may ask: why? Answer: because these resolutions are good for both your heart and soul. 1.) Stay Active! Try joining an after school activity… Read more

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