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Mi Quinceañera Chapina

At first, I didn’t want a fiesta, but my mom would not allow it. “My mama had a Quince, I had a Quince, y tu mijita, you will have one too! Trust me, you will thank me later,” she said to me. And so I boarded a plane to Guatemala and took a crash course… Read more


Quince Project

All in fairytale gowns and glamorous hair and makeup, Hope, Diana, Yareth, and Yeneira made their grand entrance into the Sand Dunes ballroom on August 21, 2014 to celebrate their Quinceañera as part of the Quince Project! The Quince Project is a charity program that works to put together a free Quinceañera celebration for girls… Read more


Quinceañera on a Budget

Gracie Maldonado created a quinceañera for her then 15 year old daughter, Gabby, with a year’s worth of savings. Despite some negative complaints of neighbors, says Maldonado, she was able to create a quinceañera with little expense and a strong support system. Gabby Maldonado, 18, says, “I actually never knew how much money my mom spent, but… Read more


An Alternate Quinceañera

Here I am standing in front of an inactive volcano with my dad, mom and brother. I celebrated my quince by spending a week in Ecuador. During my visit I went white water rafting, horseback riding, dancing, shopping, swimming, and so much more! I also go to spend time with my uncles, aunts and all my cousins…. Read more


My Super Sweet Quince

Ariana talks about what made her quince special… “This really means a lot to me because all of my family. We all pretty much come together. I decided late that I wanted to have a quinceañera, so my family helped a lot in getting things planned, in getting the church, the dress and everything together…. Read more

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Quiero Mis Quinces

While few girls are lucky enough to even have a quinceañera, even fewer are lucky enough to have their quince featured on a hit television show. Jazmine Gomez from Panorama City, CA was one of the chosen few to have her quince featured on Quiero Mis Quinces, a Tr3s: MTV Musica y Mas series that… Read more


Quinceañera On A Budget

The day has finally come, the day a young girl turns fifteen. This coming-of-age ball celebrates a young girl’s 15th birthday and dates back to ancient cultures in Mexico, Central and South America. This commemoration honors a young girl coming of age with a ceremonial mass and eventful festivity. Customarily, planning for an eventful day… Read more


Top Quince Trends

The quinceañera has been a tradition for many generations, but today’s quinces are not your mother’s traditional quinceañeras. Today, Latinitas push the limits of this coming of age celebration with new and exciting trends. The Court The vital quince court has been a staple in quince celebration. Now, courts come in all different varieties. Some… Read more

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Fifteens, Drama Queens and Sweet Sixteens

In the Latino culture, many girls celebrate their coming of age through a significant ceremony called a quinceañera. Usually this occasion is marked by a girl turning fifteen years of age, hence the phrase “quince.” As many generations of Latin Americans become settled into the United States and become more “Americanized,” the tradition of having… Read more

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Quince – My Sweet 15

Alyssa Silva, a fifteen-year-old from Austin, Texas, celebrated her quinceañera with her family and friends last November. “When we were at the church and my father blessed me during the ceremony, we both cried. It was very emotional for us. He was very proud of me,” says Silva. “Mine was different than my sister’s “quince”… Read more