A lot of girls and women have body image issues. As much as they wish they didn’t, they do. And most of the time, these issues revolve around one main thing: la panza – the belly. There are all kinds of different panzas, the size doesn’t make a difference, and for some reason a lot of people just… Read more


Breaking Puerto Rican Stereotypes

By Vanessa Mari I come from a very proud family. I was raised to love my culture and my heritage, and for that I greatly appreciate my family. I think this is something very important for Puerto Rican. As a colony from the United States, many feel as if our culture is being lost…as we… Read more


We Are Not Stereotypes

Young Latinas speak out against Latino stereotypes!   “I am not a trophy, I am a human being. In today’s society, Latinas are seen as unintelligent, uneducated and insignificant because they are a minority. People feel that they are entitled to stereotype them based on what they’ve seen in the media. They generalize that our… Read more


Latinos in Media

Do you ever feel like you don’t see enough Latinos in TV and movies? Have you ever felt like the Latino characters you do see are often stereotyped negatively? A new report confirms that many Latinos are not alone in feeling stereotyped and underrepresented on TV and film screens. The ”Latino Media Gap” report conducted by Columbia… Read more


Shades of Shadeism

Created by five students from Ryerson University’s School of Journalism in the spring of 2010, Shadeism, according to the Shadeism website, is a word that means “discrimination that exists between the lighter-skinned and darker-skinned members of the same community.” In Latina terms, that pretty much means women who are treated differently, or unfairly, because their… Read more


Quiz: Do You Know the Chicano Education Struggle?

So you know about the Alamo, Santa Ana, and maybe about Cesar Chavez. But what else do you know about the history of Mexican Americans? There’s a lot to our past that we know very little of – but no fear, we are here to help change a little of that. The Latino and Latina’s… Read more


Holidays in Latin America

As Latinos, we don’t just have one way to celebrate it. Latin America covers a big part of the globe and Latinas come from various countries, from Chile to Venezuela, Colombia to Guatemala and Mexico to Puerto Rico. Below you’’ll find some popular festivities from around the world. Christmas Eve in Argentina The day before… Read more

latina girls - latinitas

Dealing with Traditional Parents

Written by Claudia Mendoza Different Latinas share their own experiences about dealing with traditional parents, as well as their their own advice on how they coped with culture and tradition affecting their lives.   1. Leaving for College and Moving Out “My mom was hesitant and really sad when I moved away for college,” shares… Read more


Living on the Border

Living in a border city has perks unique to its citizens. Growing up in a city where Hispanic culture is the majority and the norm, makes for a very comfortable and connected life in the community. Ideas and traditions are generally accepted across the board because people have very similar backgrounds. Whereas speaking Spanish in… Read more

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Culture Shock

Have you ever moved to a different place? Have you ever gone somewhere new and felt like you do not belong? Have you ever had a feeling that everyone around you is different than you and that it  is something you cannot control? This is culture shock. Culture shock hits people in the most unexpected… Read more

Mi Barrio


Mi Barrio: Del Rio, TX

I moved to Del Rio when I was six years old. It is located on the border of Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico. I have so much family in this city, and, since I grew up here, I have so many memories here. It has a special place in my heart no matter how small of a… Read more


Mi Barrio: Phoenix, AZ

I spent the early part of my childhood in Phoenix, AZ until my family moved to California, where I was actually born. It was a memorable time. I remember our house. A small white house with green window flaps. There was a big front yard with two wire fences. The backyard was enormous but as… Read more


Pasadena, TX

I grew up in Pasadena, a city on the outskirts of Houston. My childhood memories make my hometown so special to me. Pasadena is where I had friends and family within walking distance, and I first learned how to drive on its streets. There is a majority of Hispanics who live in Pasadena, so people… Read more

Mundo News

undocumented youth

Undocumented & Unafraid

Vea este artículo en español aquí For Edilsa Lopez, an undocumented immigrant born in Guatemala, coming out about her immigration status makes her feel nervous, but she has no fear. “I am undocumented and unafraid,” she states. “With no fault of being here undocumented because I didn’t chose to be here undocumented. Right now, I… Read more

women of juarez

Women of Juarez

What cause has rallied activists like Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek? Feminists, social justice advocates and human rights activists internationally have joined forces to fight femicide – the systematic killing of women. Ciudad Juárez has recently gained international attention for the femicide of over 400 women found raped and murdered during the last decade. As… Read more

My Family

Nina Santillan

Raised As One Of Jehovah’s Witnesses

My mom began studying the Bible with one of Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was two years old. My dad was not very inclined to it, but my mom was interested in the amount of knowledge they had in the Bible. She would teach me what she would learn—the basics, of course. As I grew older… Read more

Latina Girl Writing - Latinitas

Mi Familia

Latinitas hosted a blog-a-thon to celebrate Women’s History Month. Here’s what some of our writers had to say about the mujeres in their familia. “[My mom is the person] I love the most in my life! She’s such an amazing woman; I’ve never seen anyone work harder than her. She’s the founder and director of a Spanish… Read more


From Argentina to Austin

It is universally acknowledged that it’s not easy for human beings to step out of their comfort zone, especially while adding the challenges of learning a new language, making new friends and getting accustomed to a new lifestyle. I learned that lesson early in life, at nine years of age when I left my friends… Read more

latina mother and daughter

Mother & Daughter Bond

My mom is my best friend. She is there for me when nobody else is. She has a way of making me laugh when I don’t even feel like smiling. My mom is my role model. Everything about her is perfect in her own way. My mom only wants the best for me, and she… Read more


Sibling Rivalry

“I get annoyed with the way she does things or says things,” shares Gabriela Garza when she talks about her sister.  “We fight about clothes and money, or even plans we’ve made like if we want to go to a movie or to a restaurant.” Sound familiar? This kind of behavior is common among brothers… Read more

3 generations

Three Generations

One of my favorite memories growing up was when I was a little girl sitting at the kitchen table looking up at my mom and grandmother as they made tamale. I remember the masa leaving globs of off-white goo on the table, while everyone around the table shared their stories, memories and happy tales. Now,… Read more

My Quince


Quince Project

All in fairytale gowns and glamorous hair and makeup, Hope, Diana, Yareth, and Yeneira made their grand entrance into the Sand Dunes ballroom on August 21, 2014 to celebrate their Quinceañera as part of the Quince Project! The Quince Project is a charity program that works to put together a free Quinceañera celebration for girls… Read more


Quinceañera on a Budget

Gracie Maldonado created a quinceañera for her then 15 year old daughter, Gabby, with a year’s worth of savings. Despite some negative complaints of neighbors, says Maldonado, she was able to create a quinceañera with little expense and a strong support system. Gabby Maldonado, 18, says, “I actually never knew how much money my mom spent, but… Read more


An Alternate Quinceañera

Here I am standing in front of an inactive volcano with my dad, mom and brother. I celebrated my quince by spending a week in Ecuador. During my visit I went white water rafting, horseback riding, dancing, shopping, swimming, and so much more! I also go to spend time with my uncles, aunts and all my cousins…. Read more


My Super Sweet Quince

Ariana talks about what made her quince special… “This really means a lot to me because all of my family. We all pretty much come together. I decided late that I wanted to have a quinceañera, so my family helped a lot in getting things planned, in getting the church, the dress and everything together…. Read more

quince crown

Quiero Mis Quinces

While few girls are lucky enough to even have a quinceañera, even fewer are lucky enough to have their quince featured on a hit television show. Jazmine Gomez from Panorama City, CA was one of the chosen few to have her quince featured on Quiero Mis Quinces, a Tr3s: MTV Musica y Mas series that… Read more


Quinceañera On A Budget

The day has finally come, the day a young girl turns fifteen. This coming-of-age ball celebrates a young girl’s 15th birthday and dates back to ancient cultures in Mexico, Central and South America. This commemoration honors a young girl coming of age with a ceremonial mass and eventful festivity. Customarily, planning for an eventful day… Read more


Top Quince Trends

The quinceañera has been a tradition for many generations, but today’s quinces are not your mother’s traditional quinceañeras. Today, Latinitas push the limits of this coming of age celebration with new and exciting trends. The Court The vital quince court has been a staple in quince celebration. Now, courts come in all different varieties. Some… Read more

sweet sixteen

Fifteens, Drama Queens and Sweet Sixteens

In the Latino culture, many girls celebrate their coming of age through a significant ceremony called a quinceañera. Usually this occasion is marked by a girl turning fifteen years of age, hence the phrase “quince.” As many generations of Latin Americans become settled into the United States and become more “Americanized,” the tradition of having… Read more

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Quince – My Sweet 15

Alyssa Silva, a fifteen-year-old from Austin, Texas, celebrated her quinceañera with her family and friends last November. “When we were at the church and my father blessed me during the ceremony, we both cried. It was very emotional for us. He was very proud of me,” says Silva. “Mine was different than my sister’s “quince”… Read more

quince latinitas

Quinceañera 411

By Cynthia Rodriguez After the church ceremony, the young woman celebrated her day at the reception which followed immediately. In her long white dress, she danced, ate and visited with family and friends. This day, which marks an enormous change in her life, is hers to remember forever and is one she will surely never… Read more


2 Corpani

Service Learning Experience in Peru

During the spring break of my 2014 spring semester, I got the exciting chance to be part of the international service team at my school! Six other students and I made a trip to Peru with the goal of installing a solar electric system in Corpani Peñas, a village located high in the mountains of… Read more

Girl with Suitcase

All Around the World

Hey Latinitas where in the world do you wanna go and how do you plan on getting there? Is your family making plans for the summer? Do you have a senior trip coming up?  Do you want to organize a road trip before college? Is there a travel-abroad or volunteer-abroad program at your campus? Traveling… Read more

cuban flag

Reflections of Cuba

As a country still living in the shadows of communism, Cuba represents a combination between an old and new life. This past summer, I received the opportunity to spend a week in the island’s capital of Havana for educational purposes. Before hopping on the plane, I had no idea of the many adventures that awaited… Read more

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