Lety Greene

Career Spotlight: Mental Health Specialist

Career Spotlight Name: Leticia Greene Hometown: Veracruz,Mexico Employer: US Army Job Title: Mental Health Specialist What are some of your job responsibilities? I am primarily responsible for assisting with the management and treatment of inpatient mental health activities, and counsel clients/patients with personal, behavioral or psychological problems. What is your educational background? On the Civilian… Read more

Gabriella Landeros

Career Spotlight: Press Secretary- L.A. Federation of Labor

Name: Gabriella Landeros Job Title: Press Secretary for the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO What are some of your job responsibilities? I support over 300 labor unions in their media needs, prepare the Federation’s Executive Secretary-Treasurer for all media and speaking obligations, write speeches, and plan and execute media strategies for the organization’s campaigns. I… Read more

Karen Siles

Career Spotlight: Project Manager for IBM

Name: Karen Mariela Siles Hometown: Born and raised in Cochabamba, Bolivia; moved to the US, Northern Virginia area when I was 15 however due to a full time offer I moved to Austin, TX after college graduation. Employer : IBM Corporation in Austin, TX Job Title: Project Manager for IBM Cloud Organization What are some… Read more

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Latina Leader Valeria Chavez

Valeria Chavez A recent graduate of Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, twenty-four year old Valeria Chavez has earned a law degree from the prestigious Mexican university. Driven by the injustices that she saw by everyday life, especially towards minors, she felt an internal calling to help those that were oppressed by their situation. During her time… Read more


Career Spotlight: Claudia Lujan

Entrepreneur/Writer  Young Latinos across the nation are making advances in professional fields that we were often underrepresented in. An aspiring writer and half-marathoner on her off time, Claudia Luján is now immersing herself in the entrepreneurship culture after graduating college. This is her story.    Claudia Lujan always displayed at intellectual curiosity for the world… Read more


Career Spotlight: Ada Alvarez Conde

Ada Alvarez Conde, Women’s Rights Advocate Position: Senate & Fundación Alto al Silencio Director of the Committee for Women Issues Hometown:  San Juan Puerto Rico Website: Describe your work: I founded a non-profit to create awareness of dating violence and to prevent domestic violence. I’ve given more than 300 conferences in schools, universities, communities,… Read more


Career Spotlight: Lecturer

Carolyn Rhea Drapes is an instructor at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), she holds a PhD and imparts English and business writing classes. What are some of your job responsibilities? As a graduate student, I seek to use the dissertation process and time to create new knowledge and collaborate with my peers…. Read more

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Career Spotlight: Chief Communications Officer

Name: Yvette A. Nuñez Position & Title: Chief Communications Officer Employer: Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Inc. City & State: Philadelphia, PA What are some of your job responsibilities? I lead our $24M multi service non-profit organization’s fundraising, communications, special events, corporate relations, community relations, civic engagement and volunteer management efforts; serve as member of executive… Read more


Career Spotlight: Chief School Officer

Danna Diaz Position & Title: Chief School Officer, Area One Superintendent Employer: El Paso ISD City & State: El Paso What are some of your job responsibilities? I serve elementary and middle schools that feed into four high schools. They are Bowie, Coronado, El Paso and Jefferson/Silva. I work with principals and central office to… Read more


Latina Lawyers: You Can Do It!

How many times has it been said, “Law school is so hard”? The chances are probably several times. Like any form of higher education, law school is a challenging commitment that requires hard work and discipline. Instead of letting naysayers put ideas of “you can’t” in your head, think “you can”! Latinas are underrepresented in… Read more