Love Knows No Boundaries

Modernization has pioneered interracial relationships. The 1967 Supreme Court Case Loving v. Virginia overturned the illegality of mixed race relationships. However, in such a modern world, how does culture influence the dating game? Vietnamese-American student, Tiffany Vo has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jesus Urzua since they met in high school for over… Read more


Advice: Boyfriend Edition

Dear Latinitas, Why do guys say if we date more than one guy we’re easy.  But if they do it, they’re a player? Dear Friend, There are many views on this topic.  Both girls and guys have their own opinion.  Some say that guys like to have the satisfaction of being the only guy in… Read more

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How I Left My Abusive Boyfriend

My relationship only lasted  four months, but they were the longest and most stressful four months of my entire love life. I experienced a teen dating violence relationship with my 17-year-old boyfriend. I had been working at burger place at the time for over a year when I met Drake. He was a cute German boy who… Read more

Boyfriend - Latinitas

5 Signs of a Toxic Boyfriend

Dating can be fun, exciting, and it’s usually a great experience, but sometimes it can be quite the opposite.You may say to yourself, “Oh he just loves me” if your boyfriend becomes possessive or jealous. Maybe he pushes you one day and says “It was just an accident, it will never happen again.” Sometimes he… Read more

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Finding True Love in High School

My two best friends and I love to get together, buy a bunch of junk food, rent lots of chick flicks and talk at each other’s houses. Of course, the topic of boys quickly comes into the conversation. The three of us have very different opinions about boys and high school love. Like many teenage… Read more


True Valentine Stories

Valentine’s Day, is known to be one of the most romantic holidays of the year. This may be true for some people, but for others it may seem like the end of the world. Valentine’s Day has been considered to be a holiday where public display of affection is permitted in public places. Couples everywhere… Read more

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Inter-racial Dating

Gloria Ortiz, age 19, has been in an inter-racial relationship for three years. “If strong feelings are mutual (then) ethnicity should not play a role in caring for a person,” says Gloria. “The key to any good relationship, inter-racial or otherwise, is communication.” Until recently, not many people expressed what Desiree believes. In fact, about… Read more