Quiz: What Song Are You?

Music is one of the many creative outlets. It’s used to tell a story, spark emotion, and, most importantly, is used to express yourself! From carefully crafted lyrics, rhythmic beats, and sweet melodies, songs embody an essence that carries personality. Take this quiz to find out which Latina’s iconic song represents you! 1. What adjective… Read more

latina leaders

Quiz: Are you a Leader or a Follower

Do you fall into peer pressure when you see everyone wearing the same type of clothes? Do you do your own thing and expect everyone else to do the same as you? Take this quiz and find out if you are a leader or a follower. 1. When you see everyone wearing clothes you don’t… Read more


Quiz: Classic Latin American Novels

Do you want to have access to the finest minds of previous generations? Read the classics. And why not start at home, with some iconic Latin American and Spanish novelists. Reading classic novels is like having a glimpse into the past, and as proven by history, when we know about the past we work towards… Read more


Quiz: Are You a Gossip Girl?

Are you gossip obsessed? Can you be trusted with important or embarrassing information? What do you do when others turn their backs? Take this quiz to find out! Jot down your answers and quiz yourself. 1. Your crush finally asks you out, you… A. Send out a bulletin on MySpace. B. Call your BFF immediately…. Read more