Getting Involved in Sports

People turn to sports as kids, teens, and young adults for a number of reasons. For many, playing a sport is an extracurricular outlet that allows them to exercise their skills in teamwork and physical activity. Evelyn currently runs track and cross-country at Americas High School in El Paso, Texas. “People don’t appreciate girls in… Read more


What’s Your Study Style?

How do you learn? To be able to answer that question, you must first figure out your way of thinking. There are plenty of ways to gather information, but there are ways that can help you better understand and remember knowledge for school tests. provides 7 different styles of learning to help one understand their… Read more


Stress Management Tips

With school underway and teachers assigning homework left and right, stress continues to overcome so many teenagers! Here are some helpful tips to learn how to deal with stress both before and during overwhelming situations. Getting Organized It is important to be conscious of what is most important and should come foremost in your everyday… Read more

Stresses of Studying

Take A Study Break

Stress from studying for finals or the SAT can add up during intense study sessions. Although some find comfort in found in food, it is not healthy to make every study break a food break. So here is a list of five great study breaks that don’t involve eating a fourth meal!   Give Yourself… Read more


Tips for That A+

Do not let the procrastination bug bite you. Here are some great tips to keep your nose in the book to get that A+ you deserve. Social media tempting you to check what your crush is doing right now? Don’t worry about it. Apple has an app for that. If you are a Mac girl,… Read more

Stresses of Studying

College Prep Tips

Follow these college prep tips to get ready to reach your higher education goals: Get Informed “You can go to college fairs to see what options you have.” – Rachel Ford, age 15 Get Good Grades “Always pay attention in class and stay focused in high school. Work on getting good grads. This can help… Read more

Latina Girl Writing - Latinitas

Diary of an Overachiever

  My best friend is amazing! She reminds me when I need to do things, is always there for me, takes care of all my phone numbers and contacts, and lets me write all over her! Yes, my agenda and I are very close. Like most nerdy, over achieving people, our agendas have a very… Read more

Teen in front of high school locker

Dealing With Senoritis

As a senior in high school,  I can’t help but worry about the dreaded disease known as “senioritis!” In case you haven’t heard, senioritis is a made up disease conjured up by seniors who feel that it is the reason students procrastinate and slack off, which takes a toll on senior year productivity. Although it is… Read more

teen with backpack

Ready for Back to School?

Are you ready for the school time crunch? Many chicas have a hard time keeping up with homework, tests, extracurricular activities and friendships. Latinitas’ teen reporters dish about how they manage their busy schedules. “I keep track by keeping a calendar or a planner. I keep everything in check and try not to get out… Read more

Latina Girl Writing - Latinitas

Making Good Grades

Doing well in school isn’t just for goody two shoes. It’s just a matter of making your education a priority and following these simple tips from an experienced honor roll student. Dodge class distractions. Paying attention in class can be a very hard decision for most teens. Friends, notes and cell phones sometimes come in… Read more