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Teens share advice on school, beauty, tech, and more. For archived content, visit: http://laslatinitas.com/teens-2/411-2 http://laslatinitas.com/girls-only/411-for-girls COLLEGE: ¡Si se puede! College is for you! Reach your dreams by continuing your education. Latinitas are making their mark in the academic world and showing off their smarts in college. Tell us about your future plans for college. Why do… Read more

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East Los High and Latinx Visibility in Hollywood

East Los High is a teen drama series that first aired on Hulu in 2013 and has since had three very successful seasons. This show, which is meant to take place at East Los Angeles High School and its surrounding neighborhoods, has been compared to other popular teen dramas such as Degrassi andGlee. However, East… Read more

Get Real

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Life as a Migrant Student

Being a migrant student means being forced to move to different states due to parents looking for a job. These students make significant changes as they move from state to state in order to earn an income and support their family.I am one of the thousand migrant students in this country that work hard to help… Read more

Her History

Latinitas and Diane

Spotlight: Diane Guerrero’s “In the Country We Love”

Written by Ari Gonzalez Diane Guerrero is best known for her work on the hit TV shows Orange is the New Black and Jane the Virgin, however, Diane is also a huge activist for immigration reform and the author of the book In the Country We Love. She is the daughter of two Colombian immigrants… Read more

Latina Beat


Latina Beat

Our chicas share what it means to be a Latina and so much more. For archived content, visit: http://laslatinitas.com/teens-2/latina-beat http://laslatinitas.com/girls-only/latina-beat-for-girls Want to write for Latinitas Magazine? Contact Jasmine at editor@latinitasmagazine.org.   QUINCE It’s your day! The quinceañera has been a tradition for many generations, but today’s quinces are not your mother’s traditional quinceañeras. Today, Latinitas push… Read more

Your View

Credit: Nadia G.

Life Lessons of an Introverted Photographer

Written by Nadia Gutierrez When I started my photography journey I had so many goals and dreams and I even created deadlines. Seven years ago I thought it was going to be easy to embark my journey and achieve my goals. Well — it didn’t happen because I kept trying and not doing. But, do… Read more