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Raw Organic Quinoa Seeds

Decolonize Your Diet: Latin American Superfoods

In recent years there has been a movement towards healthy living, which includes eating a healthier diet. As more and more Latinos face health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and different forms of cancer, it is extremely important to take care of our bodies. The easiest way to accomplish this is by changing our diet…. Read more

Fun Stuff


Latinas in Brooklyn Nine Nine

There has not been a large variety of leading Latinas in television shows. If a show has a Latina actress, one assumes she is there for diversity instead of representation. And shows having two leading Latina actresses are even more rarer. Suddenly in the fall of 2013, FOX unveiled its new comedy about the crazy… Read more

Get Real


Like a GIRL!

First aired in June 2014, the Always commercial “Like A Girl” pointed out a phrase that’s normally used in society—a phrase that, whether you realize it or not, has some very negative connotations. In the commercial, people—men, women, and boys—were asked to do something “like a girl.” When asked to “run like a girl,” each person exaggerated… Read more

Her History

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Spotlight: Rosa Guerrero

Written by Renee Malooly and originally published on Borderzine  Link to article: http://borderzine.com/2014/11/at-80-el-paso-folklorico-pioneer-rosa-guerrero-still-lets-faith-guide-her-steps/ Dressed in a bright orange jacket adorned with a necklace and a crucifix pendant, Rosa Guerrero flashed a warm smile, projecting the trademark youthful spirit and upbeat stamina that belied her approaching 80th birthday. “Age is just a matter of the mind,” Guerrero said… Read more

Latina Beat


A Corrido

You may have heard a corrido on the radio, on your father’s cds, or even from your grandfather whistling. These narrative songs, extremely popular amongst the Latino population, are widely known and recognized by many due to their universal themes and poetic lyrics. While these corridos all vary in popularity, they have served as an outlet,… Read more

Your View

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The Wonders of Quotev

written by Angie Flores With so many people using the internet daily, it is not uncommon to see multiple social media web pages, such as Facebook or Twitter, with millions of users logging in and constantly stating updated/connected with friends. But digging away from the commonly known social media sites, there is one peculiar page with a… Read more