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Welcome to our digital magazine just for Latina teens! We have a section for every Latina teen’s needs from advice to fashion, college tips to entertainment, health to beauty and interviews to poetry. We are a magazine by Latina girls, for Latina girls! This is your space to express yourself. If you want to have your writing or art featured on our pages, send us your submission and get published. If you have an idea for an article, just send us a message. Check out these recent stories by teens just like you.



Summer Styles to Rock All Day

For some, the summer means relaxing by the pool and for others it means checking out the latest summer trends. Whether it’s looking for a new outfit or maybe trying a new hairstyle, try out something different this summer. “This summer there are a lot of interesting patterns and colors blended together,” fashion blogger said Angela… Read more

Fun Stuff


Review: “I am Malala”

In “I am Malala” by Mala Yousafzai, we journey through the story of Malala.  Malala, a young girl born in Pakistan where educated women are rare, grows up with an understanding of how the power of raising our voices, words and education can change the world. The book is inspirational right from the beginning with… Read more

Get Real

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The Big Move: Living with a Roommate

The fall semester is around the corner, and many nervous college freshmen are anxiously waiting to take the next big step of moving away for college.Whether you’ve shared a room at home or will be sharing for the first time this upcoming fall semester, transitioning to living with a roommate is a big change that… Read more

Her History

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Leading Latina: Melody Gonzales

Melody Gonzales is the Presidential Appointments Program Director for the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), a coalition of 36 of the pre-eminent Latino civil rights, non-profit and advocacy organizations in the nation. Originally from San Diego, CA, Melody attended the University of California San Diego. When she was growing up, she knew that she always… Read more

Latina Beat

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Culture Shock

Have you ever moved to a different place? Have you ever gone somewhere new and felt like you do not belong? Have you ever had a feeling that everyone around you is different than you and that it  is something you cannot control? This is culture shock. Culture shock hits people in the most unexpected… Read more

Your View

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Beat the Heat: Summer Recipes

Summer vacation is the perfect time to try out new cool recipes in order to beat the heat. Since we don’t want to turn on our ovens for that, here are some cool recipes to try that can help you beat the heat, not turn it up. Mango Lassi This is a type of smoothie recommended by… Read more

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