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Welcome to our digital magazine just for Latina teens! We have a section for every Latina teen’s needs from advice to fashion, college tips to entertainment, health to beauty and interviews to poetry. We are a magazine by Latina girls, for Latina girls! This is your space to express yourself. If you want to have your writing or art featured on our pages, send us your submission and get published. If you have an idea for an article, just send us a message. Check out these recent stories by teens just like you.


Photo Credit: blogs.scientificamerican.com

Latina Professionals in STEM

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields exist all around us, from the gravity that keeps our feet on the ground, to the way our cells are working inside our bodies. STEM fields contribute to all sorts of inventions that help in everyday life, and bring about new discoveries in our knowledge of our… Read more

Fun Stuff


The Music You (Latinitas) and I (Child of the 80s) Love

Every October tens of thousands gather in America’s new city sweetheart, Austin, TX for a music festival that lasts two-straight weekends: Austin City Limits Festival.  Emerging and established bands convene for an eclectic expression of new and old music and Latinitas was there to cover as much as possible – exploring new and old loves:… Read more

Get Real

Hispanic girk looking sad

Dealing with a Depressed Parent

According to a study performed in 2005 by the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM), depression affects 6.9 % of Puerto Ricans, 2.5% of Cuban-Americans and 2.8% percent of Mexican-Americans. As a teen, it can be difficult to have a depressed parent. Between irritability and mood changes, having a relationship while trying… Read more

Her History

Photo Credit: Sofia Villarreal

Without Dance, What’s the Pointe?

From my first performance in a hula girl ensemble at the age of two, to my most recent dance endeavor as a part of a hip-hop crew in college, dance has been an inextricable part of my life for eighteen years now. When I reflect on my childhood and young adult life before college, most… Read more

Latina Beat

2 Corpani

Service Learning Experience in Peru

During the spring break of my 2014 spring semester, I got the exciting chance to be part of the international service team at my school! Six other students and I made a trip to Peru with the goal of installing a solar electric system in Corpani Peñas, a village located high in the mountains of… Read more

Your View


Poem: I Am A Puerto Rican Woman

by Sandra Diaz I Am A Puerto Rican Woman And You Will Not Experiment On Me. Gone are the days of eradicating our babies Sterilization of our population No consent castration Making us an empty shell of our former self Maria’s and Jose’s… Vanished from Our wombs Brown Castano skin Pupils of wonder, Innocence ripped… Read more

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