13-Year-Old Shark Tank Winner to Keynote Startup Chica

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Latinitas’ Startup Chica Conference Aims to Teach Girls How to Turn Their Bright Ideas Into Businesses

The 3rd annual entrepreneurial conference will feature Shark Tank kid CEO Mikaila Ulmer and a diverse panel of judges from Central Texas’ entrepreneurial scene

Mikaila Ulmer, Founder of Me & The Bees Lemonade

Mikaila Ulmer, Founder of Me & The Bees Lemonade

AUSTIN, TX – October 11, 2017 — Austin-based nonprofit Latinitas will be hosting its 3rd annual Startup Chica Conference on October 14, 2017, from 9am to 5pm. Girls of all backgrounds between the ages of 9 and 18 will learn how to come up with innovative ideas to help solve social issues and turn them into products and apps that they will pitch to judges.

Latinitas is honored to have a special keynote speaker that the girls can really relate to: 13-year-old entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer, Founder and CEO of Me & the Bees Lemonade, which can be found at Whole Foods Market and other natural food stores. “I felt it was very important to be a part of this event because it is an opportunity for me to inspire young girls like myself to dream big and go, with full force, towards their dreams,” said Ulmer. “I am excited to share, learn, grow and inspire!”

The full-day conference will take place on the first floor of Austin’s hub for innovation, Capital Factory (701 Brazos Street, Austin, TX 78701), which has played host to former President Barack Obama and Apple CEO Tim Cook. The girls will spend the day learning how to identify and solve problems, define their market, price and market their products, and present their ideas. The event will close with the girls pitching their ideas to a panel of judges.

Judges include Dr. Mark Sanders, Director of Transportation and Mobility at the Austin Technology Incubator at the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas at Austin; Luis Rodriguez, President & CEO of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Nelly Garcia, Co-Founder of Rocheli Patisserie; and Maria Peña, Co-Owner of Donn’s Bar-B-Que, which has several Austin locations.

“Blacks and Latinos have always been entrepreneurial. At Latinitas, we are enlightening young Latinas and other girls to their existing entrepreneurial DNA and will also have a workshop for parents explaining the same because for some families, encouraging their daughters to be entrepreneurial is as risky-sounding as being a writer or an artist. At Startup Chica, we are not only channeling Latina and other girls’ unique points of reference and innovation, but we are aiming to diminish the fears about pursuing an entrepreneur’s life,” said Latinitas Founder and CEO Laura Donnelly.

The $15 cost of attendance includes lunch and materials, and will be waived for all Club Latinitas members. Financial assistance is also available for those who may require it. Parents are invited to attend a workshop in the morning on how to support their child’s entrepreneurial spirit. The event is sponsored by eBay, Bumble, Capital Factory, Wells Fargo, LevelUp Institute, Donn’s BBQ, and the City of Austin’s Economic Development Cultural Arts Division.

More information on the Startup Chica Conference and the link to register can be found at www.startupchica.com.

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About Latinitas

For 15 years, Latinitas, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been empowering Latina youth using media and technology, providing direct digital media and technology training and esteem-boosting services to nearly 3,500 girls and teens across Texas annually. Founded by two journalism students fed up with the lack of representation of Latinas in media and technology industries, Latinitas presents enrichment programs at Texas schools, libraries and community centers that use culture as a thread to teach web and graphic design, blogging, video and audio production, photography and of late: video game and app development and coding.


About Mikaila Ulmer

When Mikaila Ulmer was just four years old, she was stung by two bees in the same week. Her parents encouraged her to do some research on the bees rather than being upset with them. Upon discovering the important role that bees play in our ecosystem, Mikaila was determined to help them. Using her Great Granny Helen’s flaxseed honey lemonade recipe, Mikaila launched her business from her home in Austin, Texas in 2009. Landing a deal with Daymond John on the show Shark Tank was just the beginning of Me & the Bees’ many business successes. Today, the award-winning lemonade is buzzing off the shelves of Whole Foods Market, Austin Starbucks and natural and organic food stores across the country. At just 12 years old, Mikaila has shared her story with Good Morning America, NBC News, The Real, Forbes and TIME, among others, and has been invited to speak on social entrepreneurship at prestigious gatherings including the White House United State of Women Summit, where she introduced President Barack Obama; Microsoft We Day, alongside Satya Nadella; and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit in South Africa.

Contact: Vicky Garza / 512-900-0304 / vicky@latinitasmagazine.org@latinitasmagazine.org


Career Spotlight: Medical Professional

From la pisca, manual labor to a successful PhD in Nurse Practice, Beatriz Bautista is an exemplary role model, not just for Latinas, but to all women.

Can you tell us more about your background?

I’m from Edinburg, TX but spent most of my childhood in Idaho. My grandparents came to this country thanks to the Bracero Movement, and I grew up with them picking seasonal crops, such as onions, apples and cherries.

What was your childhood like?

(smiles while reminiscing) I remember at 16 years old, besides going to school, I was driving those big trucks that have all of the apples and crops.

Having no background in the medical field, what made you choose this career?

Yes, I am a first generation student and I had no idea what I wanted to be. I wanted to help sick people. I was hungry for knowledge. I came to understand and told myself if you want something you have to work for it.

When I graduated high school, my grades weren’t the best, but then I enrolled in University and learned that if you work hard for your grades, school becomes easier and easier. I first enrolled in a Gen Ed, program because I was undecided, then I knew what my vocation was.
Who is your personal role model?
My tia, she is a LVN, licensed vocational nurse, and worked as a public health nurse. She also did medical translations; she was one of the few Latinas in the medical field in Idaho that spoke Spanish. I appreciated how solicited she was, being bilingual made her worth for 2.

Has being latina and a woman ever been an obstacle for you?

For me being a latina is something you wear proud, you have the gift of diversity. Knowing two languages makes you worth for 2. Latinas are known for loyalty and their charisma, as well as nurturing and sensitive individuals, once you know how to appreciate your culture it should make you fearless and stoppable.

Do you have any advice for young girls who are interested in the medical field?

Work on your GPA, if you have good grades a lot of doors will open, not to mention the endless opportunities that are available; scholarships, work-study. If you struggle with science, biology and math, my suggestion is to get tom know your teacher better. They are there to help you, especially if you show an interest or curiosity for the medical field.

There are also programs that offer help and guidance in the field, such as HOSA and Med-Ed, you can also volunteer at a hospital.
Hispanic parents, especially if you are a first generation student like myself, may not value education as much and want their kids to be working right away. I tell you, YOU CAN DO BOTH! Through out my education I was always working, I paid for my studies; there was a point in my life where I was 3 professions: a nurse, a student and a mother. Don’t loose focus, and you will find success. A lot of Latinas come from households where the parents do not understand how important an education is.

Do you have a personal story or anecdote that you would like to share with our readers?

When I was accepted in University, I was afraid. I felt a lot of responsibility, being the first person in my family to go to University. My grandfather has always believed in me, which also made me nervous and afraid to fail and let him down. But at the same time it made me stronger and fearless. I needed to prove myself that I could do it. After I got my first A in college, everything else seemed to make sense and I started getting more and more As. I think it helped that I was always hungry for knowledge; I was passionate about what I was doing.

You have been awarded Nurse Practitioner of the Year and now hold a PhD, what is next?

I want to get my Menopause Certification, NCMP, specialize in this hormonal change that a lot of Latinas and just women in general do not understand. I want to be there for them during these hard times, and help them understand what they are going through and get through it better.


Dr.Bettyis available for mentoring and to answer any questions you may have on the field.


Please contact the author to get in touch with Dr.Bautista.

Quiz: Which Career Fits You?

It is never too early to start thinking about your future.  First of all, congratulations on deciding to think about your education and possible career path.  The following quiz should help you reflect on your talents and abilities. Please don’t over think the questions too much. There is no right answer only an honest one, and  choosing a career should not be that difficult.


1) The teacher assigns a group project, and asks for the class to get in to teams you:

A) Stare at your paper, you don’t like these things, you prefer individual work

B) Are very thrilled, you already know who are the team players and called them out before anyone does

C) Look at your friend, and share glances with your other good friends, there is nothing like working but also playing


2) When working in a team project you are more likely to be assigned:

A) The research, your team knows how much you enjoy reading and writing and believes this position comes easy for you

B) Team leader, you enjoy being a part of the process and like when you have responsibilities

C) The creativity, you enjoy working with your hands and are a free spirit, people like having you around because of the way you see things


3) Your study area can be described as:

A) Very neat, your computer is your study area, portable and reliable

B) An above average desk, followed with a white board for notes and endless supply of postits

C) Flexible, you study where you feel inspired; one day you feel like the park, your bed or the kitchen


4) When you need help or need a question answered, you:

A) Google it, the Internet has all the answers

B) Debate it, you feel strongly about issues and to get the most out of a question you feel the need to mention every point possible and make the respondent really think about the answer

C) Feel comfortable asking, you enjoy personal interaction and personal opinions, for you there is no wrong answers only bad listeners


5) If your friends could identify you with a TV show character it would be:

A) Alex from Modern Family

B) Robin from How I Met Your Mother

C) Jess from The New Girl



You are observant and like to think that you have all answers to all questions. You enjoy experiments but appreciate more individual work; you feel that with teamwork people can take credit for your work.  You like to give yourself challenges and you are your worst critic. Even if you are number one in the class, you need to be number one in the school and so on. Friends like having you around because they feel they can understand math or science better when you are around.

People with these personality traits tend to study: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Web Development…



You are, what your friends would say…bossy, and you love it. You like being in charge, in control but most of all you like responsibility. You enjoy signing up for extra curricular activities, but not always go for just Team Member role. You feel strongly about leadership and believe that you can do something that will change the world one day. Being informed on news and political issues is part of your everyday breakfast. Your friends like having you around because you are determined and make weekend plans a much more efficient thing.

People with these personality traits tend to study: Business, Law, Public Relations, Marketing, Economics…



You are a free spirited, you enjoy going with the flow. You like being surrounded with things and people that inspire you. Your friends can describe you as goofy and they know that your choice in clothing can be unpredictable. You seem to have an open mind and are very positive about new things and people. You enjoy working with your hands. You are an enemy to routines and are curious.

People with these personality traits tend to study: Advertising, Photography, Interior Design, Architecture, Fashion…

Road to Success: Internships

With the tough economy and competitive job market, more and more high school and college students are turning to internships to get that extra experience. Internships are also a great way to network and make connections with different people.  There are two types of internships: physical (on location) and virtual (work from home).  But which type is better or are they both equally beneficial?

Virtual Internships

Pro: They are often more flexible

Con: There sometimes is not as many mentoring or networking opportunities

Current college students with internship experience were asked about their views on virtual internships and whether they were any better or worse than physical internships. The overwhelming response was that virtual interns’ schedules are generally more flexible- so flexible that they often have time for more than one internship. However, at the same time because virtual interns do not meet in person with their supervisors, communication can be more of a problem and it can be difficult to network with coworkers.

Some responses from college students:

“Virtual internships give you more independence and not as much mentoring as on location internships. For virtual internships you also have to organize your time wisely and respectively and wait for online advice from your supervisors. It is very doable and rewarding.” Laura Werthmann

“Virtual internships give you that freedom to have more than one internship or job at a time. For example, I’m working full time for a campaign, but I’m also a virtual intern for Latinitas and the Independent Voter Network.  Both virtual and physical internships are just as rewarding though- you just have to balance your time wisely” Gabriella Marie Landeros

“I am currently doing three different virtual internships. This is my first time doing virtual internships and I admit I actually do like virtual internships over physical location internships. Sometimes it depends on where your internship will take place, but since I have had several other internships where I had to physically go to work I enjoy working from home and school. The only down part about virtual internships is that you have to schedule the time to sit down and do all your duties. I work on-campus part-time in a department and go to school full-time, but once I am done with all my work duties and school work, I dedicate the rest of time to my virtual internships. We communicate with the entire team and the bosses via emails, Skype, phone and text.” Shanette D. Buford-Brazzell

“Virtual internship do provide a little of independence and freedom, but they also force you to learn how to communicate a lot better. For example, without the communication skills you need for a virtual internship, it would be really hard to pitch article ideas and suggestions without having an interactive, personal conversation. They are incredibly beneficial for anyone wanting to learn how to better their personal skills in whatever work they may be pursuing, and also in instilling independence and self-guidance as well as strong communication skills.” Mary Ruiz, high school student.

Physical Internships

Pro: There is more direction and it is often easier to network

Con: There is not as much flexibility

Although physical internships are not as flexible as virtual internships and often do require a set weekly schedule (and transportation!), there are usually more opportunities to make new connections and to develop more of a relationship with supervisors and coworkers. Plus, you can get more of a feel for the work environment to see if that career path is right for you!

Responses on physical internships: 

“Physical internships are great because you get to meet new people, and network easier, and become a little more involved in behind the scenes action.” Laura Werthmann, St. Edwards University graduate

“I had a virtual internship last year that I learned from, but definitely would have gotten more out of it had it been at a physical location…On the other hand, I’m currently a virtual intern at iAcquire, an SEO company that I worked at physically in NYC this summer.  This experience has been just as rewarding as when I was in the office because…I’m doing a lot of independent work. However, this is possible because I started in the office and was taught a lot in person for the first few weeks of my internship before I was able to do everything on my own without having to consult with people.  So overall I would definitely say that having an internship in a physical location is better.” Amanda Gallucci

Overall, both virtual and physical internships have their own pros and cons. They both provide great experience so go get those internships, Latinitas!