Reporteritas is an opportunity for Latina teens to get their voice heard as they develop media skills, promote girl power, develop leadership skills and gain confidence.  Reporteritas are groups of  Latina teens in middle and high school who meet monthly at school for media and writing activities.  The group promotes multimedia journalism, self-expression, service-learning and leadership among Latina youth.

Reporteritas groups create peer-to-peer awareness campaigns involving Latina teenagers directly in developing and delivering empowering messages that motivate, educate, inspire, inform and empower their peers to deal with the toughest issues facing young Latinas today.  As a part of Reporteritas program, teens write empowering essays and create informative multimedia projects on a variety of teen issues from the importance of college to dealing with peer pressure and stopping bullying to tips on how to make healthy choices. Reporteritas create educational media projects that express their own voices and experiences while they gain valuable life, leadership and career skills they need to succeed.

-Serving as a forum for self-expression among young Latinas
-Encouraging Latina youth to develop media & writing skills
-Nurturing girls’ interest in expressing themselves & voicing their ideas
-Encouraging academic & career exploration among girls
-Promoting leadership and community service among young Latinas
-Uniting a community of young Latinas leaders
-Creating a network to amplify the voices of young Latinas

-Receive guide with activity ideas
-Connect with a network of Latinas dedicated to promoting Latina power
-Get youth media projects published in Latinitas Magazine
-Qualify for contests and prizes

-Meet at least once a month for a minimum of 9 meetings per year.
-Have a minimum of 8 members.
-Develop & maintain a group webpage on
-Submit girls’ writings, media and art projects monthly.
-Complete quarterly reports with updates from you team.
-Pay a $50 annual chapter dues to host club (fundraising encouraged).
-Collect $10 membership dues for each member.

-Get a school sponsor to facilitate the program
-Fill out an application
-Create a group on
-Recruit Members
-Meet at least once a month
-Submit youth essays & media for publication
-Share your success stories with our team!