Youth Writers


Magazine is the first digital magazine for U.S. Latina youth and serves as a forum of self-expression among Latina youth across the country. Latinitas strives to enhance writing skills on different platforms for writers as young as 13. In addition to the opportunities to help in our headquarters in Texas, volunteer opportunities exist for volunteers who would like to assist remotely.

About the Youth Editorial Advisory Board

The Latinitas Youth Editorial Advisory Board (YEAB) houses our writing programs, and is run by a group of young writers and editors who assist with the production of  our online magazine.

Latinitas is seeking motivated writers who want to get published, make an impact, and have their voice heard. Young Latinas who are self-motivated and want to develop their writing and multimedia skills are invited to apply. This is a perfect opportunity for applicants who dream of a career in media, journalism, or creative writing and who want to make a difference while getting published.

Our Latina “word weavers” will get the experience they need as our future leaders of America through writing opportunities that include, but are not limited to, editing, writing, blogging, and creating multimedia projects. We invite volunteers to join our team and help encourage the next generation of young Latina leaders.

We accept applications for our programs housed in our
Youth Editorial Advisory Board year-round. 

Applicants are not required to have previous writing or blogging experience, but basic/general knowledge of grammar and syntax is required. Program requires internet access. Latinitas Magazine celebrates diversity and acknowledges the different writing levels/styles of our writers. For our younger applicants, we want your passion for writing to shine through your content submission. Bring your natural talent to the table; don’t let age/experience stop you from achieving your dream of getting published.

Currently accepting applications for the following positions:


  • Submit feature stories (12 minimum per term)
  • Maintain a monthly blog at
  • Participate in monthly editorial surveys to give us ideas for future topics
  • Actively participate in our online community (post comments, respond to forum questions, etc.)
  • Participate in conference calls and/or Skype calls with the Latinitas team
  • Assist with editing the work of peers
  • Create multimedia projects for Mylatinitas (videos, podcasts, photo essays, slideshows)
  • Conduct interviews and gather quotes for feature stories
  • Write advice columns
  • Participate in writing contests
  • Must complete an Editorial Internship application.


  • Submit a minimum of 4 articles.
  • Participate in surveys and writing contests for the program, magazine, and MyLatinitas community.
  • Participate in monthly editorial meetings.
  • Must complete our online volunteer application.



  • Assist with promotion of our digital magazine, online community and our programs through social media;
  • Manage our Facebook and Twitter accounts;
  • Must complete our online volunteer application.


  • Translate content of into Spanish;
  • Copy-edit Spanish language content;
  • Must complete our online volunteer application.

For additional information, please contact To submit an article, essay or poem without joining a program, click here or e-mail content to Jasmine (