Women’s History Month Writing Contest

C53mwHzU4AA571QWe’re celebrating Women’s History Month by hosting a writing contest. Each entry increases your chances of winning a prize.  Participate in a daily writing activity, submit one entry, or more! Your entry will be featured in Latinitas Magazine and will be entered to win a prize.

Dates: March 6th  – 10th


1. Submissions can be quotes, brief paragraphs, and/or stand alone pieces on MyLatinitas.com or sent via e-mail to Jasmine Villa (editor@latinitasmagazine.org).

2. Top blogueras will win a prize! Each entry boosts chances of winning a prize.


– 1st prize- $35 Sephora Gift Card

– 2nd Prize – $20 Starbucks Gift

– 3rd prize – $15 Amazon gift card

Bonus:  2 random drawings of a $10 Starbucks gift card.

March 6:  Tell us what you are doing to help future generations of Latinas succeed! Whether you’re a first generation college student setting a standard for siblings or volunteering in your community, show us what you contribute.

March 7: I am a chica poderosa because _____________! Give advice on how to others can be chicas poderosas just like you.

March 8:  Who runs this? Girls! #WCW more like #WCE! Spotlight a Latina who has changed your life and/or history.

March 9:  The “F” Word: What does feminism and/or being a feminist mean to you?

March 10: Why are you proud to be a Latina?

Questions/Contact Information: Jasmine Villa, editor@latinitasmagazine.org

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