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While Latina girls ages 12 to 17 are the largest group of minority girls in the country, they have the highest high school drop-out rate and the lowest college graduation rate compared to their Caucasian, African-American and Asian-American counterparts.
*A recent report from MALDEF found 41% of Latinas in the U.S. do not graduate from high school on time with a diploma.
*Hispanic girls are the least likely to earn a college degree reports a study by the American Association of University Women.
*Only 10% of Hispanic women completed four or more years of college according to the National Council of La Raza.


Dominque Gonzalez
College: University of Texas Austin
Major: English
Currently my future education goals include becoming a Latina writer. By becoming a successful write I hope to encourage other Latinas to follow their dreams through my writing. I also hope that my writing can help make the world more informed of the social and economic struggles Latina women are facing everyday. Being a Latinitas club leader has allowed me to begin to get an idea of some of the needs young Latinas have. I have also been able to influence the girls in my club to believe in themselves, as they discovered some of their hidden talents such as taking beautiful photos, directing videos, or speaking their minds on the portrayal of women in the media. Working with Latinitas has been my first step toward the empowerment of Latinas, and I know after making a difference in these young girl’s lives that my journey won’t end here. Latinitas has inspired me to continue working toward my goal of empowering Latina women to reach their full potential.

Karen Lopez
College: University of Texas at El Paso

Major: International Business
“Being a woman in the Hispanic community has always given me a disadvantage when it comes to others viewing me as a leader…Latinas are known for dropping out of school at a young age, having kids while still being kids themselves…Those remarks give me the drive I need to do something with my life and prove those stereotypes wrong. As a result, I am attending both UTEP and EPCC in order to finish earning my BA of Sciences in international business at UTEP, go on to get my MBA and eventually finish with a PhD in marketing… Besides my ambitious educational goals my dream is to become a well-known marketing professor at Oxford University in England…College has always been a shrine of some sorts for me. Its always had that special meaning to me when it comes to the classes, the professors, the graduation ceremonies, everything. As a young woman I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to attend a university that will be a stepping stone for the rest of my life. With both my parents being from Mexico and having the honor to be the first generation to study in the United States graduating college has a deeper meaning. It not only helps me achieve my goal but it shows my parents their hard work wasn’t in vain…Paying for college has been hard, especially when it has to come out of my parents’ pocket. Having not one, but two kids in college my parents often find it hard to come up with the money for our tuition. This gives us no choice, but to accumulate student loans which is something that right off the bat will put pressure on us to find a job once we get out of school. This scholarship will help unload some of the pressure we have when it comes to paying for tuition…This means the world to me. Having the scholarship will help me focus more on my studies and not so much on work and things I need to do to afford tuition payment.”

Amanda Armendariz
College: El Paso Community College
Major: Education
“I attend El Paso Community College and plan to transfer to UTEP to complete my education. I love working with children and teaching them something new every day. I plan to graduate from UTEP with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. My dream is to become an inspiring teacher, teaching children new things every day and watching their astonished faces. I have always said that I want to make a difference in someone’s life for just one day. I know when I become a teacher, I will. College is important to me, having an education opens up more opportunities that will allow me to become a successful citizen and role model for my younger sisters. An education rewards you with a good a career, great benefits and the ability to make lifetime investments. The opportunities that Latinitas has given me is unbelievable for me. It has made me a better person by teaching me what I have learned in my classes and sharing it with the members. Not only am I gaining the experience to compliment my field of study, but I am also getting rewarded with a scholarship to help me fulfill my goal in becoming a teacher. I have gained so much from the experience. Many thanks to all of the Latinitas staff for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful program. It takes a lot of work and dedication for a program to run smoothly, and Latinitas does. I really enjoy working with the friendly staff. I would also like to say thank you to our sponsors for supporting this scholarship. Our community needs sponsors that will make future leaders successful.”


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