Changing for a Guy, Right or Wrong?

Thinking you found the perfect man is one of the best feelings in the world; suddenly your world has turned upside down, and your eyes shine every time you think about him, talk about him, or just look at him. First love or finding love at any age could make a girl, or woman, change herself, but sometimes change can go too far.


Of course all girls say that they wouldn’t alter their personality for a guy, but it turns out to be completely different when these girls find love. Yet the question remains, is changing who you are to fit your boyfriend’s ideal girl worth it? Or is change something we do without even realizing it? Most of us say that you should be just the way you are to find love, and that you do not need to pretend to be someone else. If he falls for you then there is a chance he might be the “one.” If he falls for the lie, a time will come when pretending to be someone else gets exhausting, and you’ll both be living a lie. But sometimes changing your personality for a guy might be a good thing.

This topic can create three different stories; in one story the girl changes her awful- bipolar personality after meeting the sweetest guy ever. In another story the nice, smart girl meets the cool, bad guy, and ends up getting hurt and changing some of her personality. Then unexpectedly, she ends up falling for her boy best friend who has always been there for her. The last story, and the one that most of the girls fall for, is the one where the bad boy falls for the nice girl, and he changes who he is for her.  This story is often common, but does it always happen? Chicas, this is a big NO.

Should we change our personality for another person?

According to a blogger named Ali Hale, changing who you are is not always the best thing. If you feel like changing, it should be into something positive, but her main point is that you are who you are no matter what. She also explains that people should change at their own will. Lip Gloss Culture, a lifestyle blog, explains that women tend to change in a relationship for the simple fact that change is part of our nature. Yet, there comes a time when a girl or woman already put too much effort in the relationship, while the boyfriend doesn’t dare to do the same. Meaning, that you’ve cooked him dinner, ditched your girlfriends several times to be with him, and stopped talking to your male friends to make him happy. If he cannot do a simple thing for you then you should step back from the relationship. Lip Gloss Culture also explains that it is fine to change in a relationship, it’s part of learning through experience and committing; but girls need to see who is giving up more of themselves. You can have a relationship and still be yourself, remember that a guy is supposed to like you for who you are.

Young ladies that are already in college look back at their previous relationships and experiences and say that in fact you do change, without even noticing! These young ladies also state that even though they did change for their boyfriends, a part of them never died. Somehow girls, or women, tend to be more committed and attentive, but at the same time they are still the girl who loves to have a girls night out. Why not take a little break from the boyfriend, and see your best friend? Because you probably need it.

Some girls admit that they had given too much for a certain boyfriend because they were in love, and love itself blinded them. Looking back at those memories most girls state their boyfriends took advantage of it, but they did it to make them happy. When they finally realized what they had become, they took a stand and said enough is enough. One girl took a stand when she found out that her boyfriend cheated on her. Eventually they fixed their problems and came back together once again.

You could be the type of girlfriend who doesn’t care if your boyfriend goes out with the guys, as long as you are able to go out with your friends. It is recommended to never to forget about your friends when you have found the “one,” you will need them for a break or for support.You do not need to change completely for a guy. Remember, you can still be into classic movies, and date a guy who is all about technology and sports.

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