Winter Wear

The winter season is the best time for getting together, but you want to stay comfortable chic in the process. Scarves, socks, and beanies, if you don’t have them now’s the time to start. Cute accessories are the best way to stay warm and you can finally bust out with those cute boots; unless you live in Texas, that’s all year round. This year’s staple is of course, the always changing and always fashionable winter coat.


The winter season calls for many festive events along with many family and friend get-togethers, where you always want to dress conservatively but still cute. That’s where the faux comes in, faux fur and leather.


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Coats lined with fur on the collar and sometimes the sleeves are darling, a full fur coat  or vest is also a classic staple. There’s nothing wrong if you’re into the real stuff, real leather and fur can be very nice this time of year. Full fur coats are also a staple and add an extra heat insulator. Leather isn’t only for rock stars anymore, it’s a versatile material that can give you that classic edgy look that only you can pull off.


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Another important staple for the cold weather is the boot. Everyone knows that the key to a warm body is a cute boot. Whether it be knee highs, or booties, boots are stomping on the streets, and they’re getting creative. Boots work well in any setting, a day out on the town, walking around school, and family get-togethers. They’re a stylish casual wear that is acceptable everywhere.


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One trend that has been catching on this past year is the skater skirt and the color or print pant. The skater skirt can also be in the form of a dress but is extremely flattering on the waistline. It’s perfect with a tight fit top or cozy sweater, and you can wear it to a holiday dinner or a night on the town!


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The print and color bottoms give your outfit that fun, creative accent to any perfect basic. Especially if they’re high wasted or a fun fabric, like velvet or corduroy. Pair these bottoms with a sheer button up, lace blouse, or a fun T-shirt coupled with a sports jacket for a little maturity. Add your favorite pair of heels or flats and you’re ready for a fun day at school or the movies with your friends.


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You can’t survive winter without a coat, and this year the lighter colors are in. Winter white, soft cream, light gray, and powder blue all compliment any occasion, creating a soft and fun winter warmth.


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If you’re like most people and have a hard time keeping white clothes clean, simple black coats with a longer lapel (collar) and limited buttons work fabulously. You could also wear the simple black petti coat, a timeless winter classic. Below are a few outfit ideas to fit into your everyday life.

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