Why Justin Bieber Is Lucky

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, with his boyish charm, has made girls around the world swoon in stadiums everywhere. Since his discovery in 2008, he has topped the Billboard charts with his hits such as “Baby” and “Boyfriend,” been on the cover of nearly every magazine and has even been featured on the big screen with his documentary “Never Say Never.” Many may call him lucky, but it isn’t his good looks, fame, or fortune that make him lucky. Let’s face it, it’s his lady by this side, Selena Gomez.

Let’s start off with the fact that she’s Latina and proud of it. She was born in Grand Prairie, Texas in 1992 to Italian mother, Amanda Dawn Teefy, and Mexican father, Ricardo Joel Gomez. Named after the famous Latina artist, Selena Quintanilla, Selena Gomez has shown from the get-go that she really embraces her culture as a young Latina. In her interview with Elle Magazine, she comments, “Growing up, [teen idols] were all blond, with light-colored eyes. I wanted to be that. I didn’t realize how important it was to represent my background and my culture until parents of Latin descent started coming up to me. Then it clicked. I can represent a different generation and a different culture.” Aware of the few Latinas in the entertainment business, Selena strives to represent a positive figure for the number of young Latinas in the U.S and the world. Many would say that she’s been a great role model for Latinas, surely Justin would agree.

Not only is she proud of her roots, she also works to empower Latinos and others who are less fortunate, and she encourages Justin to do so as well.  A project that highlights her desire and motivation for the cause to empower the Latino population in particular, is the program she participated in called “Programa Puente.” It is a movement in Chile that seeks to end poverty, prevent violence within the home and empower people through education.  Since she’s been with Justin, he’s gotten involved, too! The couple raised over $200,000 earlier this year at the second annual benefit concert in Los Angeles for UNICEF. You see, Justin? Just because you’re young doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved!

Justin would probably be the first to say that creative expression is important, but there are other ways to let the world know who you are and what you represent other than music. Launched in 2009, Selena Gomez expressed her personal sense of style and individuality by starting her fashion line Dream Out Loud. Not only is it a way for her to express herself in a positive way, but also a means to send out a message. An inspirational message is attached to the clothing tag, promoting positive messages to girls who buy her clothing! A girl who can motivate people through fashion, Justin’s has a creative girl on his hands, huh?

More than just a creative girlfriend, Selena is a good friend. She’s extremely supportive and encouraging. She was the first to be notified when long-time Disney friend Demi Lovato decided to check herself into rehab for an eating disorder. She was a huge support for her friend and publicly made all kinds of statements offering positive messages and encouraging words to her friend while she was in recovery. Fellow Latina Demi Lovato comments, “…the people that are really there for me are the people that were there for me when I went into treatment.” Guess who? Selena, of course. Supporting her friends in times of need is something that is clearly important to her. What’s really admirable is her ability to balance a busy schedule, a boyfriend, and maintain strong friendships. She’s quite the catch, Justin.

We all see the Biebs on the television, hear him on the radio and even in the news and we think, “Oh, he’s so great!” We never stop to think about why he’s so great, so lucky. Not only does he walk hand-in-hand with a beautiful girl, but he also has the support of a strong and independent woman. She’s a role model, generous, creative, a great friend and she’s Latina. What more could you want, Biebs?

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