When The School Bell Rings

What are the secrets to school success?  These Latinitas share their top tips to help you move to the top of the class.

Tip 1: Be Confident

A key to academic success is being confident. It helps you feel comfortable to work in team, to make presentations in front of the class and to approach your teacher with any questions you have. As you walk through the halls hold your head up high, smile, and don’t be afraid to talk to other students. If they see you smiling with your head held high, they will feel comforted by your friendly personality and confidence. It is much easier to make new friends when you are confident. “When I first entered middle school, I was very shy, but I learned that if I wanted to meet new people I had to be confident. I met a lot of really nice people, because I decided to introduce myself to almost every classmate I had,” said Kameryn Johnson, age 14.

Tip 2: Get Involved

Take advantage of all the great opportunities your school has to offer. Join clubs such as band, theater, yearbook, orchestra, and book and art clubs just to name a few. These are sure ways to meet new people, yet keep you busy as you learn fun new things. You can also try out for sports such as cheerleading, volleyball, soccer, softball, track, or basketball. You will stay active and healthy, but will still be having fun doing so. “I was involved in cross country, track, flags, and orchestra when I was in middle school,” said Maria Fernandez, age 17. “By becoming involved in those sports and clubs it helped me stay focused on the important things. It helped me become who I am today.” If your middle school doesn’t offer many clubs or organizations to join, talk to your teachers about forming some of you own. You can also check out clubs outside your school like Girl Scouts or help out around the community by volunteering. Places like the YMCA and Salvation Army are always looking for people to help out.

Tip 3: Do Well In Class

Don’t forget to study hard, turn in your homework on time, ask your teachers for help if you need it, and concentrate on learning something new every day. If you have any problems, look for help and get tutoring. Cynthia Amaya, age 18, shares some of her advice for doing well in the classroom. “It is important to develop good study habits in middle school. This will help you succeed later on in high school. It’s hard to care so much for school at that young age, but it’s important to start caring as early as possible,” said Amaya.

Tip Four: Have Fun & Be Yourself

Middle school can be both exciting and scary, but you should never forget to have fun and just be yourself. Brianna Holcomb, age 13, says, “Don’t fit in. STAND OUT!! Don’t let people change the way you think, change what people think about you. Don’t let anyone bring you down. You are who you are, and who you are is BEAUTIFUL!” Once you accept yourself for who you are and learn to love the unique qualities that make you you, the rest of the year will come easy. You will make great friends, learn new and exciting things, and overall have a year that you will never forget. Have some fun and enjoy as you learn!

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