Latina Voice Through Art

The Latina voice is not only evident in literature or music, but also through paintings. Here are five Latina artist that show the world what our experiences and culture is about!

Carmen Lomas Garza:

Carmen is a Mexican- American artist from Texas, through her work she seeks to depict her experiences and memories of living in in South Texas. Through her art she seeks to create art that would get appreciated by Mexicans. While at the same time educating others who might be unfamiliar with the Mexican culture and also breaks any stereotypes they might have out of ignorance.

Carmen Lomas Garza

María Almeida Natividad:

María is a Chicana artist native to El Paso, Texas, who through her art tries to define herself. Since culture changes through time, so does her art. She hopes to raise awareness of her Mexican American heritage and El Paso’s cultural heritage through her art.

Elizabeth Erazo Baez:

Elizabeth is a Puerto Rican artist originally from New York. Through her art she shares her memories of a bi-cultural childhood from growing up in two places: New York and Puerto Rico. Her art is primarily landscapes, folklore, traditions from the countrysides of the Caribbean and cultural realities.

Judy Baca:

Judy is a Chicana artist from Los Angeles. She uses land (earth) to tell stories of people who are underrepresented in our society and gives a voice to those who have no voice. She also uses her art for political purposes. Judy has a strong belief that art can change society, which she translates to her artwork. Art is more than a mere decoration.


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