The 3Ps for Time Management

There are three easy steps that you can practice right now to have a successful and less stressful school year.

Planning out ways to balance successful grades while still having a social life is possible. Having a big calendar, or planner to record all tasks needing to be completed is a great way to start. Having all information neatly organized is helpful with time management because you can prioritize each task and its urgency as to when it needs to be completed in a timely manner. Every school subject should have its own color. Sometimes to do lists can get messy, but you can start the list while watching TV or listening to your favorite música. Try using bright colors like red, orange, and green. Other colors can be used for weekend or non-school activities such as sports, art class, or chores.  Start with one week at a time. Once your list is complete, rewrite all your tasks according to its date on your big calendar.
Prioritize each assignment by its due date. Don’t forget to color code!  Color coding a to do list or using color sticky notes on a planner is a great way to prioritize every task you may have according to its day. It will also make it easier to rewrite the information on your big calendar. If you have a busier week, asking a parent to help you is always great to do. Parents can help by assigning your chores and extra curricular activities for the weekend to reduce any overwhelming feelings you may have.
Sound great but not sure how to get started? Ask a parent or an adult. Selecting a time during family meals, car trips, walking the dog, or even standing in line at a store would be convenient. These are just some great options to ask for guidance. Having a set schedule is also helpful. For example, after school activities could be having a quick snack and checking your to do list for the day. After completing all tasks there should be time to get your lunch and outfit picked for the next day.
Be sure to set a bedtime for yourself. According to WebMD having 10 to 11 hrs of sleep per night is a must! Try to avoid caffeine before bed so that you can remain calm and fall asleep.  Lack of sleep can harm your mind and your body.  Your tired mind can give you a sluggish or inpatient attitude which will not help you at all. Lack of sleep will cause you to loose focus during school and at home resulting in many more issues. Having a set schedule can help train your brain, but sleep will provide the energy and tolerance of completing any tasks that you may have. Remember, you can’t be the best you can be without a good nights sleep.
Sometimes coordinating a time to play before school or on a day that doesn’t require much work can be helpful. Those instances are considered “down time,” so take advantage of that by having Playtime after studying or even completing chores.
Some activity ideas to help wind down at night can be a warm shower, a book or other relaxing activities.  Avoid doing exciting exercises such as jumping and  dancing to loud music. Video games, text messaging, web surfing and other stimulating activities should also be avoided shortly before bedtime.
Following tips like these will help you toward a successful school year, you and your parents can be proud of!

Elle Stuart

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