Talento Latino: Haide

A television station called Estrella TV, whose headquarters are in Los Angeles, held auditions for their show called “Tengo Talento Mucho Talento.” Auditions were held across the United States and Latinitas was able to interview one of the show’s contestants, Haide. One audition was held in Austin, Texas. In the Austin audition, a young 19-year-old Latina named Haide  to the final round and will now participate in the show which will start in March.

Haide, seated between the contestant with the white cowboy hat and contestant wearing a black shirt, shared that she felt pretty confident going into the auditions. According to HAide, she knew that she had an advantage because she is musically educated. Haide previously studied opera at a university, but due to expenses she had to quit her studies. Despite not completing her studies, she is confident in what she learned while she was enrolled.

“I know I have the knowledge that the others do not have. I know how to control my vibrato and other techniques that others are not so good at,” she said.

After the auditions were over, Haide was surprised at how much Latino talent Austin, Texas holds. Fortunately, she was able to advance through three rounds of cuts and was given the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles twice –where the last two auditions were held. Others were not as fortunate as Haide, but she provided some insight for those people.

“The advice I would give to other Latino contestants would be to truly prepare themselves. Truly take the time to study their voice and be on a stage,” she said.

Advancing Through the Competition

The amount of talent in this talent show was incredibly large. Yet due to other factors that play out in reality TV, talent was not the only factor that determined whether a contestant advanced or not. Producers are actively observing which people will be able to attract more ratings. The contestants not only had to demonstrate their talent but they also had to provide a brief description of their life. In the end, contestants had to be talented and had to have compelling stories that would attract and enhance the audience’s emotions and connection with the contestant.

Although Haide was only able to advance three rounds, she says “I learned so much and I made many connections that will be very beneficial to me in the long run! I plan to continue my music career but this time dedicating more time to it to prepare better for next season.”

While there may be mixed feelings about reality TV, it is exciting to see how Spanish television is expanding. Haide is aware of the progress Latinos in the media are making.

“I think it is quite evident that Latinos are not falling behind in the media industry. We see more and more reality shows in Spanish that have been taken from English ones, and we see celebrities like Shakira transcending into the English media more and more,” she said.

Television continues to function the same way it did many years ago, it still earns its profits from commercials and its goals are still to get high ratings. But as Haide mentioned, Latino media is transcending and Spanish network TV is rising.

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