Take a Stand Against Mean Girls

One day at school you find out that a mean and ugly rumor is being spread around about you. You know it’s not true, but no one believes you.You don’t know how to deal with it and you feel that everyone has turned on you even your closest friends. Unfortunately, for many girls this is a reality. Life as a teenager is hard enough, but being bullied is unacceptable and hurts both physically and mentally. If your being bullied, how do you deal?

Bullying, especially with teenagers, has been around forever, but in the past few years it has become a very serious and scary issue. Did you know that bullying is no longer just being pushed around in the playground, but being verbally attacked whether through gossip, rumors, or on the internet? It’s not just physically draining, but it hurts mentally too.

Particularly with tween and teenage girls, bullying has grown to be a more verbal and mental thing rather than physical, but why is that? Vanessa Rodriguez, age 17, says, “I think girls feel that if they can turn everyone else against their “victim” then it’ll hurt more than an actual physical confrontation. Most bullies are jealous of the other girls’ popularity and happiness so they try to get to the people around her to mess up her life.”

Not only has bullying gone beyond rumors being spread in person, but now the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are used to bully others. This type of bullying is know as “cyberbullying.” So what exactly cyberbullying? Dalena Lopez, age 13 says, “Cyberbullying is when somebody is harassed or bullied either on the computer through the internet or through text.” But why take it to the internet?

Ytzel McDaniel, age 18, says, “I think we girls in general are too smart for our own good. I just don’t think it is our nature to fight, but we do like to plot. Talking bad about each other has always been happening, social networks just make it easier and worse.” It is much easier to bully someone over the internet than it is in person, because it can happen at any time and is available for many people to see.

So if your being bullied how do you deal?

Vanessa says, “It’s hard, but ignore it. Those girls are acting they way they are, because they’re trying to be someone that they’re not. They think being mean will impress others when in reality, everyone has the same opinion of them- annoyed. Stay close to your friends they’ll help you get through the bullying and you guys will be able to laugh at it later on. If things get out of hand, TELL someone older. Don’t let those girls run your life.” While ignoring it sometimes works, the bullying can often be too much to handle. Don’t be afraid to tell a counselor, teacher, parent, or an older sibling. They WILL help you and you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up.

“Don’t let it bother you. Just because someone says something about you doesn’t mean its true. I would talk to someone about it who I can trust, like my mom,” says Dalena. Talking to someone who you trust will help you deal with being bullied.

“Don’t let them see it getting to you,” says Ytzel. “All a bully wants is to see you break so even though it is scary stand up to them. You don’t have to be mean, just show them that they can’t control you. The thing I have learned is there is always going to be  those girls who want to be the ‘biggest and baddest’, but once you say something they normally back down.” As hard as it may be standing up to the bully is the best thing to do. You should never be mean, but show them that they can’t control you with their hurtful words. Surround yourself with positive people, who love you for who you are. Never change yourself, as those who love you for who you are are your true friends.

One day you go to school and you find everyone being really nice to you. Everyone is getting along and no one seems to be picking on others. No mean rumors are being spread and no one is alone or sad. There are no cliques and everyone is seen as equals. This doesn’t have to be a dream, this can be a reality.

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