Start It Up Book Review

Good news for all you Latinitas out there who aspire book cover start it upto be ambitious businesswomen, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, CEOS, or who just want to make more money. You don’t have to wait until after college to turn your talents and ideas into hard-earned cash. You can start today! The Start It Up! business handbook for teens by Kenrya Rankin gives you the essential tools and information needed to create your own business.

Not sure what services or merchandise you could possibly offer? No problem. Rankin includes a quiz to help you identify what your skill sets might be. Throughout the book, Rankin will guide you on how to, not only get your business started, but how to network and gain support, manage your money, be a boss, use your business to do good and more!

Through her tips, worksheets, online resources, informational charts, and real-life testimonials from teenage entrepreneurs, Rankin not only makes owning a business an exciting venture, but a doable one as well. Whether you’re bored at your regular job or your allowance just isn’t cutting it these days, Start It Up! is sure to promote you to business savvy in under 160 pages.

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