Gymnast: Madison McGuire

At only age 8, Madison McGuire already has big dreams and has her plans set on becoming an Olympian. Madison McGuire has been in gymnastics for four years now and has come a long way, but not without the help of her family. She has a twin, three brothers, a loving mother, father and stepmother to keep her motivated. She has turtles, a cat named Bella, and two dogs. When I met with her, she had just broken the growth plate in her big toe while running onto the vault and stumbling on her foot.

In the process of the bone breaking event, Madison was training for a National testing opportunity, just after being recruited from the Talent Opportunity Program (TOPS) in Huntsville, Texas. This program evaluates female gymnasts on their physical abilities. These programs are for the coach and the gymnasts, as they go through training methods on the national level. Madison’s mom, Amanda Amaya, said that they’re very eager to try again next year. The regional testing is in the summer and Madison should be recovered and ready to go when the time comes.

After participating in the TOPS program, Madison and her family’s goal is to become a level 10– she’s currently  at a level 7. The talent levels of gymnastics can be complicated at times, but Madison and her family are grateful to have done their research. Levels 1 through 6 require the girls to do the same routine, and are scored on their physical abilities and performance. Once they move up to levels 7 through 10, the girls are known as optional gymnasts and can exhibit their individual talents by creating their own routines and choosing their own music. Madison will compete in her first level 7 competition this February, held in San Antonio, TX.

Madison’s specialty is the bars, which pose as the hardest event in gymnastics, but she enjoys the challenge. When asked if she had any advice for girls in gymnastics, Madison states, “ You can do it. It’s very fun doing all the tricks, it was hard for me when I first started, but it got easier with practice. The medals make it all worth it.” Ms. Amaya, Madison’s mother, proudly claims that their goal is to keep Madison healthy and happy throughout her gymnastics career, but their dream is the Olympics. In life, Madison hopes to go to the Olympics, after that she hopes to pursue a career as a veterinarian, or a gymnastics coach. And just like any other little girl her age, Madison likes reading the “American Girl Books”– her favorite character is Samantha. Latinitas is so excited to spotlight Madison and we wish her luck on her athletic journey, the Olympics would be a great feat!

Click here to watch a video of Madison on the bars!

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