Spotlight: Latina Activists

Armed with a powerful voice and a passion for civil rights, these woman made a huge impact with their activism.

55e0ea00650a118795263a90450ac488Rigoberta Menchu, Guatemalan activist, won a Nobel Peace Award in 1992 for her contributions to civil rights campaigns. Born and raised in Guatemala, she overcame civil disobedience and grief. Various members of her family were tortured, which includes her mother and father. As a strong-willed woman, she overcame a lot and has made an impact in her community.



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Claudia de la Cruz
She is a Cuban activist who helps young women in Washington and New York with her campaign D.U.B. (Du Urban Butterflies Youth Leadership Development Project). Born on February 5, 1986, she witnessed countless harassments and injustice against immigrants in her neighborhood. She found Du Urban Butterflies Youth Leadership Development Project (D.U.B.), which helps young women all over Washington and New York.

253e696746f398ef3a19a2e05d936eabJovita Idár
Prominent journalist in the 19th century, who became the first president at La Liga Femenil Mexicanista, is an inspirational activist. She is known for her journalism and activism in education. Throughout her career she worked with a lot of newspaper focusing on articles facing Mexico’s problematic in politics and social issues.

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