School: College and Your Future

Latinitas talk to college admission officers about how to start preparing for college and a successful future.

Why do you think college is important?
“It teaches you how to think. You don’t learn everything in college, but you learn how to find answers for the rest of your life. Also, you learn to live with people different from yourself.” -Robyn Ross, St. Edward’s University

“The benefits of college are great and are key to helping you have a successful future.” -Patty Prado, University of Texas at Austin

What can middle schoolers do to start preparing for college?
“Take challenging classes, honors, more math, science and foreign language. Start to get involved in student activities. Learn how to study! Take your grades seriously.” -Patty Prado

“Read, learn to love to read, take computer classes, ask friends and families about their colleges.” -Robyn Ross

What do you think is the biggest myth about college?
“That it is for people that have a lot of money. That you are there to be given a degree. College is what you make of it. If you work hard and take advantage of opportunities, you can do anything!” -Robyn Ross

“That it’s too expensive, it’s too hard to get in and succeed.” -Patty Prado

What other advice would you offer to young girls about college?
“Staying on top of things academically in school will be best preparation for being admitted and succeeding in college.” -Patty Prado

“Follow your dreams. Don’t just do what others want for you like boyfriends, friends, or your parents. If you want to go away for college, this is a great time in life to experience something new. If you want to study a subject that not many women are involved with, there are lots of scholarships and special programs. Did you know more girls are going to college than boys today? And this is after most colleges were men only until 40 or 50 years ago!” -Robyn Ross

April 2011

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