Ringing in the New Year: Self-Reflection

The year is almost over! Therefore, give yourself some time ahead to spend a moment doing personal reflection before the year ends.  Self-reflection is a great way to start the new year. Practicing self-reflection has been practiced for centuries and it’s rooted in the world’s greatest spiritual traditions. But what does self-reflection mean?

Self-reflection can be done by anyone! Genuine self-reflection helps us to analyze what we give and receive — whether it’s friendship or an act of kindness. Having an in-depth analysis helps us improve our relationships with our loved ones, with people that we interact at school or at work, and is a powerful way to improve your overall performance. The best part of self-reflection is that it can turn into a habit.

Here are some ways to practice self-reflection:

  • Gratitude Journal: Every morning write 3 things that you’re grateful for, 3 things that will make your day great and a daily affirmation. You can even find apps for electronic devices and take your journal wherever you go.


  • Mindfulness: The practice of “the here and now” helps us enjoy our lives to the fullest. Choose a time of the day to admire a garden, a painting, a picture or a video of nature and let your mind forget about problems and the never ending “to-do list.” Practicing mindfulness will give your mind a break by increasing your focus/awareness of what is around you.


  • A QUICK moment: Remember this acronym at the end of each day

    • Q…..Question yourself, actions, reactions, and behaviors.

    • U…..Understand your “aha” moments and trace your objectives based on them.

    • I…..Inquire feedback from others. This will help to see yourself from a different perspective.

    • C.….Conquer honesty. Be honest with yourself, probably one of the hardest steps, but, don’t worry, practice makes perfect!

    • K…..Keep it sweet and simple. Write a journal at the beginning and end of your day so you can track your improvements.

Self-reflection means focusing on both the positive and negative aspects of your life and how you can move forward and become a better you. Press the reset button by doing a self-reflection before the year ends and charge your baterias for the New Year.

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